Establishment of the Law Commission

The federal government felt it important to make the Percentage a permanent one under a typical statute. Steps were taken and also the Law Commission Costs of 1996 was passed from the Parliament. Upon receipt of assent from the Hon’ble President on September 9, 1996 the item became an Act of Parliament (The Rules Commission Act 1996 Act no. XIX involving 1996). Thus the previous temporary Law Change Commission stood became a permanent Rules Commission. After the establishment of long term Law Commission Mr. Justice Amin-Ur-Rahman Khan ended up being appointed another Member of the Commission on September 22, 1996. Per section 5 from the Law Commission Act, 1996, the Commission consists of a Chairman and a couple Members. Under the rules the Government contains the power to increase the amount of its Members, if it deems required. The Chairman and Members from the Commission hold the respective offices for the term of 3 years from the date of the respective appointments.