Jurisdiction of Magistrates

This article will be based upon Jurisdiction of Magistrates which might be very important fact for that country law. Courts of Metropolitan and of Magistrates with the first class can impose imprisonment for just a term exceeding five years Such solitary confinement as authorized for legal reasons. Appeal from the magistrates Courts Appeal could be against an order or even against a sentence imposed by the Magistrate. Appeal from a sentence in your essay passed by any Magistrate with the second or third class shall lie for the chief judicial Magistrate. The government may confer upon any individual all are some of the power conferred or conferrable by or under cr. V. C on a magistrate of top class, second class or next class in suspect to particular cases so they can a particular class or even particular classes of cases or in regard to cases generaly in the local area out side the metropolitan area. Such magistrates will be called special magistrate.