Rights in Police Custody

An individual might normally be held in police custody for up to 24 hours without staying charged. This can only be longer if your Police Superintendent grants permission. After 36 hours any more detention can only be authorized because of the courts. If the man or women is under 17, has learning difficulties or mental health problems then they should have someone with these. This person is termed an ‘appropriate adult’. The correct adult should be there in the event the police read out the particular person’s rights, when these are interviewed and if these are cautioned or charged. When the person does not communicate or understand English then your police will arrange pertaining to someone who speaks exactly the same language to help. The interpreter will record the authorities questions and any responses inside person’s own language. They will then have the ability to check and sign to confirm it was an accurate record in the interview in police custody. If the person is deaf then your police will arrange for a sign language interpreter to support.