A Book Exhibition that I Have Visited

A Book Exhibition that I Have Visited –

A book Fair is an attractive fair where different types of books are displayed and sold.  I visited the Ekushey Boi Mela this year. It was jointly organized by the Education Department and a local book shop. On the very first day, I walked over to visit the exhibition immediately after school was over. I entered the fair and began to move from one stall to another with great interest.

Every year, the fair is held on the occasion of 21st February to remain us of the struggle and sacrifice in the language movement. There were already many people at the exhibition. Most were school children like me.  saw all sorts of books such as fiction, textbooks, dramas, children’s books, reference books, etc. The good thing about exhibitions is that usually there are free gifts and items on offer. This exhibition was no different. Man, women, and children of all ages and classes gathered there. At a counter near the entrance, I registered to be a member of the book shop and I received a small calculator as a gift.

Inside the hall proper, I was amazed by the number of books on display. There were books on computers, science, technology, music, cookery, travel, business, self-help, and general interests. Other types of publications include encyclopedias, maps, novels, greeting cards, magazines, and children’s books. In addition, there was a huge collection of dictionaries. Also available were computer software, compact discs and other items published in electronic media.

Next, I moved on to less crowded areas and look at the books. There were many that I would love to get my hands on but alas my financial status did not allow it. So I browsed through as many as I could. In that way, I happily whiled away a whole afternoon. I enjoyed my visit to the book fair very much.

Time passed quickly. My watch showed 5.00 p.m. and I had not even seen half of the exhibition. I was very delighted visiting such a fair and gathered some new experience there. Anyhow, I had to get home before my mother started wondering about me. I would have to come and visit the exhibition another day. So reluctantly I stepped out of the town hall and walked towards the bus stop. Book fair is very important because it upgrades our thoughts and expands our knowledge. However, a book fair spreads the message that books are our best friends and companions.


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