A Little Boy Saved His Family From A Gang Of Robbers

It was about midnight. I was fast asleep. Suddenly, I woke up hearing a knock at my door. I heard someone telling in a very pathetic tone, “Please save me, I am in danger.” Being sympathetic to the man, I opened the door. But to my utter surprise, I saw that a gang of robbers was standing in front of my door. They heavily equipped with modern firearms. They pushed me so vehemently that I fell down on the floor. Then they tied me tightly with a pillar and entered my room. They caught all my family members one after another seized their mobile phones and locked them up in the kitchen except my younger brother, Munna.

One of them shouted, “If anybody shouts or tries to run away I’ll shoot him.” After that, they ransacked every nook and corner of the house and tried to take the valuable things. We all were just silent spectators. We had nothing to do but to sob because any shouting might cause death to anybody. All on a sudden, we got the sound of a whistle. The robbers tried to flee but the police had already surrounded the house and took the upper hand. The whole gangs of robbers were caught red-handed. We all were astonished because we could not inform the police. But my cousin who was with the police force explained that Munna sent a message to him and he called the police. We all praised him profusely and kissed him for saving us from such a great danger.