A True Friend and A False Friend

Once there were three friends in a forest. They were a deer, a crow, and a Jackal. One day the crow saved the deer form a hunter. Since that day the crow and the deer were great friends. One day the crow was ill and he could not go with the deer and he went to the field alone. One day a jackal saw the deer alone and wanted to eat its flesh. The Jackal made a plan and made friendship with the deer. The jackal used to take the deer to a field to eat corn. The deer began to eat the corn from the field every night.

One night the deer fell into the net of the farmer, tried to get out but failed. The jackal did not help him but said to himself, “The farmer will cut the deer into pieces and throw away some pieces of bones and flesh and then I shall have a good meal.” Thinking so, the Jackal hid in a bush and waited for the chance. The crow could not find his dear friend, the deer, that night, began to search for his friend and after searching for a long time he found him caught in the net. The crow advised the deer to lie down on the ground and pretend to be dead. The crow said, “When you will hear me cawing please jump up and run away as fast as you can.”

The farmer saw the deer, thought it to be dead, put it aside and began to fold up the net. Hearing the cawing, the deer jumped up and ran away as quickly as he could. Seeing it the farmer took up his club and threw it at the deer. It did not hit the deer but hit the jackal behind the bush and it dropped down dead.