Abedin’s Courage Saved the Life of a Baby

It was about 9 pm. Abedin was reading attentively in his reading room. Suddenly, he heard a hue and cry from a nearby house. He came out of his room and saw towards that a house of their locality was burning with horrible fire. People from all walks of life were rushing towards the house and trying to extinguish the fire. Though nobody knew how it occurred, all were trying to the utmost to save the house. Some were pouring water; some were carrying different things to collect water from the nearby pond. The members of the fire service were also trying heart and soul to bring the fire in control.

The members of the house were busy to take their valuable things out of the house. But they completely forgot that a baby was on the cradle. No one could reach there because the whole house was under the grip of dense smoke and flame of fire. The mother of the baby had already got fainted. Observing the heart-rending situation, Abedin rushed to the spot, took the baby on his lap and came out of the house. All were utterly amazed at the courage of Abedin. The relatives of the baby blessed him from the core of their hearts. With the concerted efforts of all, the fire came under control at last though the house owner had to count an irreparable loss.