Amena Begum’s Fight Against Poverty

Once there lived a middle-aged woman named Amena Begum. She had three sons. Her husband was very lazy and he did not do any work. None but she had to work all day long to earn money for the family. One day she met a group of people who came to her village from the NGO. They said they were interested in helping the landless and the helpless poor people. She learned from them that the NGO gave loans to the poor so that they could change their lot. In her childhood, Amena Begum learned to do embroidery work on clothes. She bought plain sheets of sharee from the shops and sold them after doing embroidery. She used to make a profit of taka 150.00/- per sharee. This opened her eyes. She went to the NGO and took a loan of taka 20,000/-.

Amena Begum hired a shop in the local market. With the money, she bought white sharee’s from the mills at wholesale rate. She along with her sister and other women embroidered the sharee’s and sold them in the market. Her husband used to sit in the shop. Thus in two year’s time, Amena Begum and her husband earned a lot of money. They repaid the loan, built a new house and lived happily. They had a daughter also. Amena Begum and her husband wanted to send her to school. She changed her lot with the help of the money she received from the NGO.