An Experience of an Earthquake

Ishan Rahman studied at Rajshahi Cantonment School and College. He was in class ten. One day while he was attending a class, he felt a shake. He thought that he was feeling dizzy. But when looked at the fan, it was swinging. Then he understood what was happening. He shouted ‘earthquake, earthquake!’ The teacher also understood. He told everyone to be quiet and stand beside a beam but nobody listened to him. Everybody ran down the stairs. The tremor continued even after the earthquake had stopped. Ishan came down slowly. He saw that there were many students in the field. All of them were praying to Allah. Some were crying loudly. A haunted situation took place.

Then the principal came out and announced a lot of things. Then the teachers checked each and every part of the school. But not a single scratch was found. Everyone thanked Allah. As usual, students said a lot of things. But all of them were rumors. Ishan thought how strong their school building was. Suddenly again another earthquake struck the earth. Luckily for the students, it was shorter and smaller. And all of them were in the field. After that, the principal suspended the classes for the day and everyone was told to go home. Ishan came home and came to know that the first earthquake struck the earth at 7.5 magnitudes. He got scared.