An Honest Cab Driver

One day an affluent businessman was going to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka by a cab with a View to going to United States (U.S.). He had many valuable things and a purse with him. Due to his hurriedness, he forgot to take his purse which contained three thousand US dollars, an air ticket, and an international passport. The cab driver named Abid Mia was taken aback to see the dollars, air ticket and an international passport of the passenger. He stood at the airport searching for the passenger. Abid Mia was rummaging for the passenger who dropped the purse in his cab. He waited for the passenger for an hour but he found no trace of him.

Abid Mia was very upset. He couldn’t understand what he would do. He was in a fix. Finding no other way, Abid Mia went to Dhaka Cantonment Police Station and submitted the purse to the police officer. The police officer with the help of the passport and the air ticket became successful in tracing out the owner of the purse. The passenger who dropped his purse in the cab was overwhelmed with the honesty of Abid Mia. He instantly offered Abid Mia three hundred dollars but he refused to take it. The honesty of Abid Mia, a cab driver, is a unique example for many to follow.