Ariful’s Danger In The Train

Ariful got into the train. He found out his seat and sat down. A few minutes later, another passenger claimed the seat and to his utter surprise, Ariful discovered that he had got into the wrong train. But it was too late to rectify the blunder. In fact, Ariful was to go to Dinajpur while he got into a Dhaka bound train. And the train in the meantime passed a great distance. The passengers hearing of his pitiful condition became sympathetic to him. They advised him to adopt various things. Then it was about midnight. He could not think of what to do.

Then one middle-aged passenger named Abu Sufian showed himself to be greatly sympathetic to Ariful. He told that he would get down at the next station and asked him (Ariful) to go with him to his home. He added that if he (Ariful) passed the night at his home he would next day send him to Dinajpur in the proper way. Mr. Abu Sufian seemed to be really sympathetic to Ariful. Ariful agreed to his proposal and accordingly went to his home. The members of Abu Sufian’s family were very amiable to him. He had a son named Rafiq who was also almost of the same age as Ariful. Ariful eating dinner slept with Rafiq. Next day Ariful talked to all the members of the family. They grew very hospitable to Ariful. Rafiq already became his friend.

However, Ariful stayed at the house one more day at their request. Ariful informed his uncle to whom he was to go of the situation on phone. The next day Mr. Abu Sufian and Rafiq took him to the nearby railway station and arranged everything so that he could go to Dinajpur safely and comfortably. Ariful took Rafiq’s phone number and bade them goodbye. The train started and at last, he safely reached his uncle’s residence. Later a great relation developed between Ariful’s family and Mr. Abu Sufian’s family.