Birthday Gift for Mother

Birthday Gift for Mother

(A Date) was the birthday of Cathy’s mother. Cathy wanted to give her something very special. She had been searching for the appropriate gift but none was to her liking. At last, she saw one. It was a beautiful pearl necklace. Her mother would look lovely wearing it. Then her eyes noticed the price tag — $800! Her shoulders drooped and she walked home feeling very disappointed.

That Sunday, Cathy and her family went to the beach. As she was walking on the beach, she noticed a very beautiful shell, smooth and of a soft red hue. She had an idea. She was going to make her mother a necklace using seashells. Cathy then began hunting for similar-looking shells. She would need to collect as many shells as possible before she went home.

When she reached home, Cathy washed the shells carefully. Then she laid them out to dry. At night, when everyone had gone to sleep, Cathy started stringing the shells. She wanted the shell necklace to be as beautiful as the pearl one she had seen at the shop.

At last, the necklace was ready. She placed it in a box and wrapped it up. The next day was her mother’s birthday. Early in the morning, she presented the box to her mother. Her mother was delighted to receive such a beautiful and delicate gift. she promised that she would wear the necklace at her birthday party. everyone admired the beauty and uniqueness of the necklace. Cathy was very pleased with herself especially when they praised her for being creative.


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