Fear At The Dead Of Night

One stormy night, Sohan was driving his Jeep through a Jungle. Suddenly, he heard a terrible sound and it was coming from the west. It sounded like a wolf but as he got closer, the sound got deeper. He got a little scared. He had an iron rod beside him. He kept it near him. As he went deep into the jungle, he felt something. Suddenly something moved into the bush. He got more scared. When he focused light on it, he saw that it only a deer. He got great relief. At that time when he turned right, he saw the most dangerous creature in his lire.

At first, he thought that he would kill it. He thought it was a wolf, but it was something else. He spared it. He thought whatever it was; it was last of his kindness. So he did not attack and kill it. He was driving and thinking about what it could be. Several questions arose in his mind. For once he thought it could be a creature of a dog family but he was not sure. He saw that creature all on a sudden. He thought many things about the creature. Then he could remember anything. Next day some people rescued him from the Jungle. People found him unconscious but unwounded. They took him and admitted to the hospital. After some time, he regained his sense. He was well. So he went home. But still, he wondered what it was.