God Sends Child On Earth Providing Everything

A poor man had twelve children and worked night and day just to get enough bread for them to eat. Now when the thirteenth came into the world, he didn’t know what to do and in his misery ran out onto the great highway to ask the first person he met to be the godfather of the newly-born child. The passer-by was very surprised to see the poor man in such an anxious state. He asked the poor man why he was so restless. The man replied that he was very poor and that child was the thirteenth one.

The passer-by said, “You have nothing to be worried. God has sent the child and He must provide him with everything including food. So, your duty is to bring him up with a good education.” Then the passer-by pacified the poor man by agreeing to his proposal. He took the poor man’s child and went away. But soon the poor man realized the blunder he had made and brought the child back.