Honesty Never Goes Unrewarded

Abid Mia is a poor rickshaw puller. He lives in a slum with his wife and three children. He goes out with his rickshaw in the early morning and comes back at dead of night. He passes his days with hardship with his small income. One day he took a man to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. On the way, the man told him that he had a serious patient in the hospital. The man went away but quite forgetfully he left behind his moneybag on the rickshaw.

Abid Mia took the moneybag, rushed to the hospital and looked for every nook and corner to give the moneybag back to that man. But he failed to give the moneybag back to the man because he was lost in the crowd of people in the hospital. Finding no other alternative, he went to the nearby police station and informed the matter and gave the moneybag to the police officer. The police officer was utterly amazed to see that the moneybag contained more than one lakh taka (1,00,000/-) that the rickshaw puller gave back.

However, employing all his sources, the police officer was able to find out that man and called him to the police station. Getting the money, he burst into tears because the patient was his mother and she was badly in need of blood. It was impossible to save her life without money. He was overwhelmed with the honesty of Abid Mia. He instantly offered him twenty thousand taka (20,000/-) but Abid Mia refused it. So, he managed a small Job for him in the city corporation office. Abid Mia is no longer a rickshaw puller now.