If God Saves, None Can Do Any Harm

One afternoon, I was walking along the rail line. The weather was serene and soothing. I saw a small boy playing on the rail line in a little distance. Suddenly, I heard the whistle of a train coming on the same rail line. The boy also saw the train corning but started running on the rail line. I was shouting aloud telling the boy not to run on the rail line. The train was also blowing the whistle continuously but the boy was doing the same thing.

At a stage, the boy stumbled while running and fell down on the rail line. With the twinkle of an eye, the train ran over the boy. I went to the spot hurriedly. Some other people also came there to see what happened to the boy. The boy was lying there unconscious. I took the boy to the nearby hospital. Many people gathered there to see the real condition of the boy. But it was a matter of great surprise that the doctor declared the boy quite safe. He explained that the boy fell on the rail line in such a way that no part of his body came to the contact of the train. So he remained safe. By the time, the mother of the boy who lived in a nearby slum got the news and came to the hospital. She thanked God for saving her son, took him on her lap and went to her house.