Jim’s Puppy

Jim’s father gifted Jim a puppy on his tenth birthday. Jim named the puppy as Brownie. Soon, Jim and Brownie became fond of each other. One Day, Jim went to the river and caught a big fish. Jim got excited and Brownie started barking loudly, encouraging Jim. Jim leaned down, fighting the mighty fish, he tried to grab it and he hit his head on the side of the canoe. He fell into the water and was unable to swim. Brownie grabbed Jim’s shirt and swam to the shore. Jim woke up feeling dizzy and confused on the river bank. Brownie was licking his face and Jim smiled. Brownie had just saved his life. Then they both headed towards the home.

After a long walk, Jim saw his father at home, standing by the shoreline. He was wafting for Jim and brownie to return. Jim ran up to his father and told him about the incident. Jim’s father thanked Brownie for saving his son. He Rubbed Brownie’s head affectionately. They all smiled and went inside the home.


Moral of the story: ‘The best companion will always get you out of difficulties.’