Lamia Forgets To Turn Off The Gas Stove

Lamia works for a private firm in Dhaka. She lives alone in a small apartment near her office. Last Friday when she was cooking chicken curry for a leisurely holiday lunch, her phone rang. She rushed to her bed room to receive the phone. It was her boss. He told her to turn up immediately. Lamia got dressed and went out in a hurry. She took a rickshaw to her office. As she was about to get into her boss’s room she remembered that she had not turned off the gas stove before leaving for office. Naturally, she was very anxious.

However, she entered into her boss’s room in such a worried state. Her boss noticing great anxiety on her face asked her if anything wrong had happened. Lamia politely replied that being asked to turn up to him, she had been in a great hurry and so she had forgotten to turn off the gas stove. Her boss could realize the Problem. Then he told her that their company had got a very lucrative work. So he asked her to come to the office on such a holiday to prepare a project on an urgent basis.

However, her boss Perceiving the importance of turning off the gas stove, permitted her to go back to do the thing. Lamia going back turned off the stove and returned to office. Her boss gave some direction on the project and she began to work accordingly.