Man Proposes But God Disposes

It was a fine sunny day. Almost all the workers were busy with their daily activities in a factory. Suddenly there was a crashing sound from the downstairs. Rima wanted to go to the downstairs but failed to reach the floor. She could not see anything because of smoke. As there was a pile of clothes, the fire caught instantly and the flame of the fire came out through the windows and doors. She discovered that like her, many of the workers were trapped inside. She became helpless. She wanted to save people but could not come out. She saw that her companions were running to and fro to save themselves and were screaming. She could not remember anything.

At last, Rima discovered that she was in the hospital. She also felt that the lower part of her body was almost burnt. She felt terrible pain there. She can remember the terrible experience she had. She had the desire to establish herself by hard labor. But it is true that half of her body is now about to be paralyzed. Once she dreamt to live happily but she has no dream left. The life that she is leading is really a distressing life. Now, she is carrying her life as a soul in a skeleton without having any hope.