Marriage Ceremony Of My Elder Sister

Last week I enjoyed the marriage ceremony of my elder sister. The marriage was solemnized at our local community center. A nicely decorated date was made with attractive flowers. The house was decorated nicely with colorful lighting and various kinds of flowers. A stage was made for the bridegroom and the bride. Several pandals were also arranged to entertain the guests. Some waiters were appointed to serve food among the guests. The house was full of guests.

The bridegroom arrived in the evening. He was dressed in a precious silky dress. My sister was also dressed in precious clothes and ornaments. A Kazi solemnized the marriage very peacefully. Everybody was in a festive mood and joyous. The guests were served with delicious food and were entertained highly. Some of my friends were also present there. The function came to an end at midnight. It is really a memorable day in my life.