Mina’s Success

Mina is a village girl of a Muslim family. She is waiting for her HSC results. She dreams to read in a university after passing her HSC examination. She would be a teacher and will take care of the young students. She is also anxious about her conservative parents. They think otherwise. Educating a daughter is a mere waste of time and money because she will not contribute anything to the family. So her parents are trying to get their daughter married.

At last, they have arranged everything for her marriage with a young unemployed man who lives in a nearby village. But Mina does not agree to her parent’s proposal. Last of all Mina goes to her teacher living in the same village to convince her parents. The teacher takes an initiative and is able to make her parents understand that what they are thinking is wrong and may bring about a sad event in the family. Her parents have understood it. Mina is now reading in BA (Hons) class at a girl’s college in her Upazila.