Mr. Adnan’s Graciousness

Mr. Adnan is a retired officer. Usually, he goes for a walk every day early in the morning. One day while walking in the morning, he saw a man lying senseless by the side of the road. He went nearer to the man. He then decided to take the man to the nearby hospital. He beckoned a taxi driver and asked the driver to help him lift the man into the taxi. In an hour, the taxi brought them to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Mr. Adnan read the meter to see the amount of fare. It was taka ninety. He paid the fare and collected an emergency ticket.

While the man was placed in the emergency ward, the emergency doctor on duty was surprised to see his father in a senseless condition. The doctor, however, examined to find that he was made to inhale chloroform by the miscreants who took to their heels with all his valuables. On duty, Dr. Rana came to know about Mr. Adnan who was kind enough to take the trouble of bringing the man to the hospital. Dr. Rana expressing his gratitude embraced Mr. Adnan and said, “From today, you are my uncle.”