One’s Carelessness Causes Another’s Suffering

One day I was returning home from college. On the way, I saw that a bus hit an auto-rickshaw directly from the opposite direction. The auto-rickshaw was smashed on being hit by the bus and dropped in the low land on the road. The driver was seriously wounded as he was somewhat old. There were five members in the auto-rickshaw; three were in the backside and two in the front side. All the members were injured; among them, two were seriously injured. Three passengers were injured a little bit. People rushed to the spot and sent the injured people to the nearest hospital for treatment.

I also helped the injured people take in the hospital. Two passengers were released after the primary treatment by the doctor. One injured man needed emergency blood and his blood group was the same as the passenger who was released after the primary treatment. He gave him blood and left the hospital. In the meantime, the driver of the auto-rickshaw died in the hospital. I also learned that the bus driver was driving the bus carelessly and he was talking over the mobile phone. It is a great pity that due to a man’s carelessness other man has to give his life. I returned home thinking about the family members of the dead man and their future.