Precaution of Rafiq

It was the rainy season. The rivers were all full to the brim. On such a day, Rafiq went to the nearby town by a launch. When he got on the launch, he found it overcrowded. It was a haat day so it was full. But it was a small launch. Rafiq got frightened to see too many people in the launch. He thought that it might sink at any time. But he had no other alternative to go home because the main road was flooded. So the buses were not plying on the road. That is why he was compelled to get on the launch. He became so scared that he requested the launch master to let him go up the roof. Somehow, he managed to go up the roof and sat there. He feared that the launch might sink. After some time, the launch started.

When it started, it began to swing. Rafiq on the roof got afraid. So he took off his shoes and folded the sleeves of his shirt and the length of the pants. Once the launch was about to sink while it was turning to the right side. Rafiq got almost ready to jump in the river if it sank. He knew how to swim. Two hours after the launch had started; it reduced its speed and began to near the bank as some people would get down there. Just 25 to 30 feet near the bank the launch began to go down gradually. All the people began to cry. The people on the bank also began to scream. Rafiq jumped over to the bank. He jumped into the water and went up to the bank. In the meantime, the launch sank completely. Many people came to bank swimming. And those who were on the bank went to the drowning people with some small boats and saved them. Thus all the people were saved.