Rahima Is a Victim of Gender Discrimination

Rahima is the daughter of very poor parents. At the age of fifteen, her parents gave her in marriage with a very poor boy. He is very lazy. He does not do any work. So Rahima works hard to support her family. But she is always anxious what will happen if she gives birth to a female child, she thinks that a female child is a great curse. She thinks a female child will bring about suffering for her and her husband. But her attitude to a female child is not at all right. Men and Women are complementary to each other. Allah has created both men and women for each other.

Women are the race of the mother. They are not cursed, rather a great blessing for society. A female child growing properly and being educated completely can become an asset to a country like a male Child. If Rahima’s parents were educated and conscious, they would not marry her off at such an early age with such a lazy poor and irresponsible boy. They should have educated Rahima properly and made her self-reliant. Then her life would not come to this state. Now she is suffering tremendously.

However, we should change this negative attitude or mentally towards women. Now Rahima should adopt family planning and give birth to one or two children, be they male children or female ones. She must utilize the facility given by the government in respect of the education of the children. She must educate properly so that they can be ideal citizens and make their life glorious being free of evil things.