Rayhan’s First Plane Journey

Rayhan got GPA-5 in the HSC Examinations. All became happy. One day his uncle called him and said that he had sent him a plane ticket for Cox’s Bazar. Rayhan got so excited that he jumped in joy because it would be his first plane journey. Then he started to pack his bag. He took enough essential items for himself. On the day of the journey, he went to the airport two hours before the journey. There he saw many people and a lot of things. Then he went through a lot of formalities. First, he was checked by the customs officer. Then he was given a boarding pass. A seal was given on his bag. After that, he went to the departure gate. There a person checked his ticket and told him to enter the plane. Ten minutes after his entering the plane, the plane took off.

Rayhan was very excited. After fifteen minutes some crew members arrived with a lot of food. He took some of the foods and ate them. After about half an hour, he felt a bit dizzy. After some time, he became ok. He saw clouds all around him through the window. Just after an hour, someone announced that they were going to land within five minutes. Then the plane landed. Rayhan arrived at Cox’s Bazar for the first time by plane. At the terminal gate, he saw his uncle. Then his uncle took Rayhan to his house. Next day Rayhan visited the beach and the whole town with his uncle, aunt, and cousins. Really, it was an unforgettable experience for Rayhan.