Savar Tragedy

It was a fine sunny day. Almost all the workers were busy with their daily activities in a factory. Suddenly there was a crashing sound in the building. The eight storeyed commercial building collapsed in a moment. 1,127 people were killed and 2,500 injured. Nearly 4,000 workers were in the building. More than half of the victims were women along with a number of their children who were in nursery facilities within the building. Among them, 1,120 dead bodies were rescued and all the injured people were rescued alive.

People from all walks of life came forward and joined the rescue operation. Different govt. and non-govt. organizations including Fire Brigade were involved in rescuing the sufferers. Those who are alive have become crippled and inactive to earn their living. This is a serious human tragedy which beggars description. We should do something for the victims on humanitarian ground.