After completing graduation, Abdul Karim began to look for a job. He applied for a job here and there. When he failed to get a job, he planned to do something on his own. But he had no capital because his parents were poor. Even they had no land of their own. He had only their old house. He studied by teaching students and working on a poultry farm for the part-time. As he had some experience in poultry farming, he decided that he would start a poultry business. So first of all, he attended a training course on poultry farming in his area organized by Upazila Livestock Office. He took training for fifteen days. Then with the help of the livestock officer, he applied for a loan of twenty thousand taka in a local NGO. As Abdul Karim was both educated and trained, the manager sanctioned the loan. With twenty thousand taka, he started his poultry farm.

First, he made a tin-shed room in their house. And then, he bought about a hundred chicks. He himself took care of the young chicks. Of course, he bought poultry feed from the local market. Often he faced some problems to raise the chickens. Then he went to the livestock officer and the government vet. They gave him advice and even medicine without any fees. One day the chicks grew older and Salam began to sell them in the market. The first time, he made a profit of ten thousand taka. This time, he paid some loan and spent the rest of the money for his family and the farm. Next time, he made a profit of fifty thousand taka. So he paid the loan and expanded his farm. He employed two women to look after the chickens. Thus, he became a self-employed man.