Shorna’s Early Marriage Gets Stopped

Shumi, Kolpona, and Shorna were three friends studying in class XI. All of them wanted to be highly educated. Last three days Shorna was absent from the class. Shumi asked Kolpona if she knew anything about Shorna. Kolpona replied that her parents decided to marry her off. She added that her parents also wanted to marry her to an aged person. Besides, the man had already married and it would be his second marriage. They came to know that the cause of this unexpected incident was poverty. Shorna’s parents were very poor and they had four children. Among them, Shorna was the eldest. As they were burdened with a large family, they had decided to marry Shorna off.

On the other hand, the person who was going to marry Shorna was a rich man. Though he was an aged person and had already a wife, he had no child. So he wanted to marry Shorna as his second wife in the hope that she would fulfill his long-cherished hope. In this situation, Shumi and Kolpona decided that they would go to the Principal of their college to discuss the matter. Next day, they went to the Principal and informed him of the matter in detail. The Principal called on Shorna’s parents and told them about the bad effects of early marriage. He assured them to help them become self-reliant. Thus, the marriage of Shorna at a very early age had been stopped.