The Buck And The Doe

There lived a doe with soft reddish-brown fur, a fluffy white tail, and big bright eyes. One day she was grazing in the forest. Suddenly, a young buck saw the doe and fell in love with her. The buck started following the doe and praised her beauty. There lived a group of fairies in the forest and they saw the doe and the buck secretly.

One day, the buck followed the doe to the village despite the dangers it could come across. While walking, the doe felt that there was a man hiding ahead. She feared the trap in which she could get trapped. The doe thought and let the hunter killed him. Seeing this, the fairies blamed the doe for his death. One of the wisest fairies said, “It was the infatuation of the buck that killed it.”


Moral of the story:‘Infatuation gives one a false feeling of happiness at first but in the end, it leads to destruction.’