The Cat And The Fox

Once there a cat and a fox were traveling together. As they went along, picking up provisions on the way a stray mouse here, a fat chicken there. They began an argument to while away the time between bites. And, as usually happens when comrades argue, the talk began to get personal.

“You think you are extremely clever, don’t you?” said the Fox. “Do you pretend to know more than I? Why I know more than a thousand tricks!”

“Well,” retorted the Cat, “I admit I know one trick only, but that one, let me tell you, is worth a thousand of yours!”

Just then, close by, they heard a hunter’s bullock cart sounds. In an instant the Cat was up a tree, hiding among the leaves.

“This is my trick,” he called to the Fox. “Now let me see what yours are worth.”

But the Fox had so many plans for escape he could not decide which one to try first. He moves away here and there with the tunnels at his heels. He doubled on his tracks, he ran at top speed, he entered a dozen burrows, but all in vain. The hunter caught him, and soon put an end to the boaster and all his tricks.


Moral of the story: ‘Common sense is always worth more than cunning.’