The Cruelty Of A Housemistress

Rima is a poor girl. She works in a rich man’s house. Her master was a good man but the mistress was very inconsiderate. One day while serving tea Rina broke a teacup. So her mistress got furious and assaulted her. The housemaster was in the office during this time. When he got back home, he found that Rima was groaning with pain in the kitchen. He wanted to take her to a doctor but his wife vehemently protested it.

The next day Rima managed to escape from the house and got herself admitted to a government hospital. She expressed everything to the doctors. One of the doctors reported the matter to a Human Rights activist who visited Rima in the hospital. They filed a case against the mistress who was arrested. Human Rights Organization took the responsibility of Rima’s education. Rima got the job of teaching in a high school after her graduation. Now, she is a successful teacher.