The Dream of Rubi Came True

Rubi is a girl of ten years old. She was really beautiful like a rose. She might spread the smell and beauty of her noble qualities by being educated like other girls. But the irony of fate is that she has to sell flowers in the Shahbag area. “Ful niben sir, ekta ful.” Every day she implores the passers-by to buy flowers. She does the same thing with me when I pass that area. Sometimes, I buy flowers but many a time I overlook her outcry and cross the area.

One day I asked her, “Why do you do this? Why don’t you go to school?” She started crying and said that her father left her mother and married another woman. She did not even know where he lived. But he often comes to her mother and claims money from her. She had two little sisters. Her mother earned a little as she was sick. She was a little girl, her income was also little but her ocean of miseries have no end. The organization of childcare managed to provide foods and education to Rubi. Thus, her dream came true.