The Lonely Puppy

Dizzy, the puppy had many black spots on his body He was proud of it All the black spots made him look grand. But the other dogs did not think so. They never came near him. Dizzy felt unhappy and lonely.

One day, Bob, the old sheep came to Dizzy and said, “Why are you all alone?” “Because no one will play with me,” said Dizzy sadly. “Why so,” Bob said. “Have you been rough to other puppies?” “No, no” cried Dizzy. “Don’t worry I will soon find out the reason,” said Bob. “You keep an eye on those sheep in the next field, while I go and talk to the other dogs.” The dog was happy and thanked the sheep. Bob went away and left Dizzy sitting by the fence staring at the sheep. After a while, the puppy began to feel sleepy, but he stayed at his post and never once turned round. After a long time, Bob came back and lay down beside him.

The puppy asked, “Why do the other puppies don’t to me? “Those silly puppies thought you must have the measles because you were covered with spots,” replied the sheep. “But I have spots from my birth,” said Dizzy. “I can’t lick them off, because I’ve tried.” “Don’t worry” grinned Bob. “I have told those puppies that your spots are the wrong color. Now they are your friends. Here are some of the puppies coming now. Run along and play with them” “Oh, thank you, kind Bob!” said the puppy. Then he ran and played with his new friends.


Moral of the story: ‘A friend indeed is a friend in need.’