The Wolf and the Crane

There lived a wolf in a wood. He killed a lamb; but as he went on eating the flesh, a bone stuck in his throat. This gave him pain and he went about not knowing what to do. The wolf saw a crane by the side of a stream. The crane looked for fish. “Good morning, Mr. Crane,” said the wolf. “You might be looking for fish; I will give you a good reward if you do me a favor.” The crane had not found any fish so far. So he asked the wolf what favor he wanted. Then the wolf said that a bone had stuck in his throat. He wanted the crane to bring out that bone with the help of his long beak.

The crane thought it to be very easy work. The crane agreed to the proposal. He asked the wolf to open wide his mouth, Then the crane looked into it and brought out the bone with his long beak. The wolf became relieved of his pain and looked quite happy. Then the crane demanded the reward. The wolf said, “Reward! You put your head into my throat and I did not crush the same into pieces. Is it not a reward?” Being afraid the crane flew away to a tree. Sitting on the branch of the tree he said, “You ungrateful fellow. God will punish you for this.”

Moral of the story: ‘You should help only those who deserve for it.’