Three Youths Died Tragically In Road Accident

On the day of Pahela Baishakh, I came out of my residence for my college a little bit earlier as I had a program to celebrate. Near the bus stand, I saw five motorcycle-riding youths. They were riding their motorcycles speedily and were shouting in a loud voice without any purpose. They have forgotten the significance of Pahela Baishakh’s celebration. They do not know they are supposed to take an oath on this day to leave bad things and to accept the good things.

However, I kept my eyes on them for some time and thought that the ghost which had engulfed them was nothing but the violent spirit of youth. Then I started walking on foot to celebrate the cultural functions on the occasion of Pahela Baishakh. I reached my college after fifteen minutes. I saw that the whole college looked festive and my classmates and the teachers put on traditional dresses. Really the girls looked like a fairy on that day! After enjoying a lot, I returned home in the evening.

As soon as I came back home, my mother apprised me of the news that three motorcycle-riding youths died tragically in a road accident with a face-to-face collision of a truck carrying goods. But two youths managed a narrow escape. I put my eyes on TV Screen and I could well recognize the two survivors of the accident. I uttered subconsciously, “O God! Uncontrolled emotion crushed them.”