Unity Is Strength (Story)

There was an old farmer. He had three sons. They were all grown up. But they had no good relation with one another. They were disobedient and always quarreled among themselves. The old farmer was very sad at heart. He thought that their future was dark. The farmer became very old. He thought he might die at any moment. He would not live long. What would his sons do after his death? If they quarreled with one another, they would spoil his property and be poor. He also thought of their future and at last, he hit upon a plan.

So, one day he ordered his sons to a bundle of sticks. The sons did so. He then ordered his eldest son to break the bundle. He tried again and again but failed. The second and the third sons did the same thing but in vain. The old man then ordered them to untie the bundle. They untied it accordingly. He told them to break the sticks one by one. This time they could easily break the sticks.

Now the old man said to his sons, “My dear sons you see that you could not break the bundle. But when the bundle is untied, you could easily break it. So remain united and then none will be able to do any harm to you.” ‘Remember, unity is a strength.’ The sons got the point and promised to follow their father’s advice.


Moral of the story: ‘In unity is a strength.’