When Adversity Knocks

Maria was a young girl. She used to get annoyed with everything. She had a negative attitude towards life.

Once, when she felt that life was unbearable, she asked her father what to do. She told him that if she was able to manage and solve one problem, another one followed quickly. Her father consoled her and took her to the kitchen. He asked Maria to take a potato, an egg and two spoons of tea leaves. Maria was surprised, and asked her father, “Do you want me to cook?”

“No,” her father said. He then took three vessels and poured one cup of water in each vessel. The vessels were placed on the stove. Once the water started to boil, he dropped the potato in a vessel, egg in the second one and the tea leaves in the third one.

“Why are you doing all these things?” Maria asked, really annoyed with her father.

“Just wait fifteen minutes,” said her father.

The impatient daughter managed to wait for around 15 minutes. Father removed the potato from the pot and placed in a plate. He did the same with the eggs. He filtered the tea decoction using a cup. Now, he placed the two plates, one with the potato and the other with the egg, and the cup of tea in front of Maria.

He asked Maria, “What do you see?”

“Potato, egg and a cup of tea,” said Maria.

“No, you are wrong,” said her father. “Look at it closely and answer me.”

Maria replied the same.

“Now touch it and answer me.”

The potato was cooked and was soft, the egg was boiled hard, and the tea carried a nice aroma. Maria couldn’t find the correct answer.

Her father said, “The potato was so hard and strong before it was boiled; now it has turned soft and smooth. Also, the egg was delicate but after boiling it became hard. Sip the tea. It is delicious!”

Maria asked, “What does it mean father? I don’t understand!”

“Each object responded differently to water. Each object was put under the same kind of circumstances, faced similar adversities, but reacted differently. The potato, when put in boiling water, became very weak. The soft egg became very hard when we put it in boiling water. And the tea leaves are unique. It changed the water itself, giving it a unique flavor and aroma! It gave something new.”

Maria understood that we can create something new and unique even when we experience adversities.