Child Labor

Child labor is among the major problems in developing countries including Bangladesh. If a child is enabled to work from, an early age without any scope of going to school is named child labor.

There are several causes of child labor. Poverty is the main source of it. Because of low income of a family, children have to engage themselves in different risky works together a view to earning their childhood.

Their parents cannot bear their educational expense because of being poor. In the first age, they have to engage themselves in different varieties of works due to generate earn their livelihood. When the supposed to go to school, they have to go out for their earning. They have to act as day worker, flower vendor, servant at household, hotel boy, tea seller and so forth. Most of the poor children are witnessed to break bricks in addition to stone for house building. Some of them are rickshaw puller, some work in garment factories in addition to mills. Most of time, they have to work in risky environment. Most of the time, they work very hazardous situation and polluted environment. Because of this, they have to suffer a lot in different types of fatal diseases. Lack of knowing of the guardians is also another root cause of increasing child labor. Although, social and cultural situations and children’s own desire are also responsible for child labor.

The results of child labor have become far reaching. Child job has many negative implications. It hinders our socio-economic improvement. We know that children really are a major part of your population. They are the future leader of any Country. A greater part in the total population becomes a burden due to child job. We cannot go ahead without them. If they could be educated, they would contribute to the country.

As outlined by UNICEF, the total number of children in Bangladesh is 61.3 millions approximately. Some sort of survey of BIDS, the volume of street children is 6,79,728 and this number increase in 11,44,754. The truth is, it is a scary news for Bangladesh. Approximately the number of worker children in Bangladesh is 7.4 millions. The number of children who work as servant at household is 50,000 or more and most of them are girls.

Government also we must work together to get rid of child labor. It is impossible to take virtually any progressive activities due to child labor. It is a great hindrance to the national development for virtually any country. Government can come up with a rule for saving the child labor. They must be educated. They have to provide all sorts of medical, physical and mental support for leading their particular better life.

In short, though there is child labor act in Bangladesh, it exists only theoretically. Children rights are now being violated by employing these individuals for risky tasks. Owners of the industries and other employers are exploiting the kid laborers by paying them an incredibly low wage. To improve this condition, Government should take effective steps to stop child labor for ensuring an even better future of them. In the long run it can be stated that effective measures must be taken to stop child labor. The law of international child labor must be implemented. Government must do something to educate poor children. Public awareness must always be raised. Thus we can eliminate the curse of child labor.