Education for Women

Education for Women

Female education is essential for the development of a nation. Men and women are equal and integral power for a nation. That is, education is equally essential for both. We know that ignorance is a curse for all but education is power. An education holds significance to many people for a variety of reasons. Hence it is very important to provide quality education to women to help them contribute to the development of the nation in a meaningful way. If a country neglects female education and keeps them uneducated, she cannot establish herself as a powerful nation. Various studies show that women’s education is very important in order to improve the socio-economic position of their families.

Some people are directly opposed to female education. They think that mentally, physically and intellectually women are inferior to men. There are religious prejudices also. They opine that women are born to be confined to household-works, rearing of children and serving their husbands. Hence the prejudiced and the orthodox people should be made aware of the underlying sense of female education. It is seen however that the societies that have focused on providing better education to women have better indicators of social welfare. An educated lady is a good friend, a clever nurse and a useful advisor to her husband.

To educate a girl means to educate a future family line. It is the mother who is the first teacher of the child. If she no light, how can she light the child lamp? The importance of female education beggars description. We should bear in mind the glaring example of Napoleon who said to his nation, “You give me good mothers, I will give you a good nation.” Actually, the future of the child depends on how one is taught by one’s mother in early childhood. It is true that the education of a mother is naturally transmitted to the children. Besides, educated women can help a nation’s development in various sectors as such research, teaching, hotel management, tourism, nursing, etc. If women are educated, the entire society will be benefited. After all, the nation will gain prosperity.

There is a wise saying of Napoleon, “One educated mother is more powerful than one hundred soldiers”.

It is true that education will enable women to make their parents, husbands, and children truly happy. There is a great necessity of female education for a nation in every nook and corner. We are now fully alive to the need of imparting education to women. We all should try heart and soul to encourage the universal female education for the interest and greater welfare of the nation. We should realize that illiterate and ignorant women cannot be helpful to the progress of the country. Otherwise, real development and prosperity will be hampered at every step of our life.