Living in a country with four seasons is better than living in the tropics – an open Speech

This has been a long-time tussle between the people of cooler climates and the natives of the tropics. I feel neither is better as each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The cooler climates of the northern and southern hemispheres have their appeal in that they make picturesque postcard material. There is the snow and the winter landscapes that give the white Christmassy feel to the environment that many would say is ethereal.

Then, there are the golden hues of the forests and the falling leaves of autumn that give the feeling of beauty and awe. Summer is always the time to head to the beach and spring heralds the blooming flowers and planting of crops, a renewal of sorts. In short, the crux is variety. It gives different plants and animals to show off their plumage and man to show off various fashion trends.

The tropics are one long summer with wet rains intermittently. There is one fashion statement-light, comfortable and colorful. There is little room for heavier clothing unless it’s a hill station or in the deserts where the temperature falls tremendously at night. Raincoats and umbrellas are essential in the tropics more than trench coats and sweaters. You have the freedom of going out and staying out for as long as you like.

You can go to the beach any time of the year or just take in a movie without changing your tires or clothes. A fan or an air conditioner is enough to survive the heat.

However, if you talk to a Londoner or a Russian living in the cold climates of the north they might lament the high cost of winter heating, clothing, and the troublesome fitting of snow tires. The rich will jet off to a warmer climate but the poor suffer from the problems of sludge, mud, and snow-ins. Going out is a struggle as the roads are slippery and the winds icy. You need special shoes and heavy bulky clothing. The consolation is skating and snowboarding but if the weather gets below minus, even those activities are impossible.

The conclusion is both have its advantages and disadvantages but it’s the individual that decides which is better. The cold is not for everyone and I personally don’t like the heat but the cost and the considerations of adapting to an environment help the decision-making process.