Advantages of Flexible Audit Program

An audit program that can be changed as per the time need, nature of business is known as a flexible audit program. It also called Progressive Audit Programme or Special Audit Programme. Under this program, the staffs have much discretion in improving it as the audit work progresses.

Advantages of Flexible Audit Program

It is flexible: It can be changed if the transform is made in the environment and size of the business. Auditing remains effective because it can be changed if the change is made in the nature and size of business. So it is flexible.

Audit assistants remain happy: Assistant staffs remain happy because such programs are prepared to incorporate into the problems of assistant staff. It enhances the accountability of audit team members towards work performed by them.

Distribution of work: This audit program is very useful in distributing the work properly among the members of the audit term according to their talent. It works as a road map for the upcoming years and the audit staff can refer to this and understand the future course of action.

It is effective and scientific: A flexible audit program remains effective because it incorporates the change made due to time and situation. This audit program enhances the efficiency of the audit assistants as they are very clear about their duties.

Legal evidence: This audit program is legal evidence of work done by every assistant of the audit team. It can be presented in the court of law if any client is taken against the auditor for negligence.