Advantages of Job Rotation

Job rotation gives an idea about the jobs to be performed at every level. Once a person is able to understand this he is in a better understanding of the working of organization. Job rotation is considered as an effective tool for successful implementation of HR strategy. It is about settling employees at the right place where they can deliver the maximum results. In today’s highly competitive world, this can be proved as the best strategy to find the immediate replacement of a high-worth employee from within the organization.

Advantages of Job Rotation are:

Avoids monopoly :

Job rotation helps to avoid monopoly of job and enable the employee to learn new things and therefore enjoy his job.

Provides an opportunity to broaden one’s knowledge :-

Due to job rotation the person is able to learn different job in the organization this broadens his knowledge .

Avoiding fraudulent practice :-

In an organization like bank jobs rotation  is undertaken to   prevent employees from doing any kind of fraud i.e. if a person is  handling a particular job for a very long time he will be able to find loopholes in the system and use them for his benefit and indulge  (participate ) in fraudulent practices job rotation avoids this.

Motivates Employees to Deal with New Challenges: When employees are exposed to different jobs or assigned new tasks, they try to give their best while effectively dealing with the challenges coming their way. It encourages them to perform better at every stage and prove that they are no less than others.

Increases Satisfaction and Decreases Attrition Rate: Exposing employees to different tasks and functions increase their satisfaction level. Job variation reduces the boredom of doing same task everyday. Moreover, it decreases attrition rate of the organization.

Helps Individuals Explore Their Interests: Sometimes, employees are not aware of what would like to do until they have their hands on some specific job. If their job is rotated or they are exposed to different operations, they can identify what they are good at and what they enjoy doing.

Advantages of job rotation