Annual Report of AB Bank in 2014

This is a broadly described annual report of AB Bank, in the year of 2014. Shareholders’ equity of the Bank stood of Taka 1,815.71 crore on 31 December 2014 being resultant cumulative of prudent dividend, tax, and capital expenditure planning. The share market value of AB stood at Taka 1,592 crore whereas the book value of the Shareholder’s Equity stood at Taka 1,816 crore, resulting in a negative Market Value of Taka 224 crore as on 31 December 2014.

Total asset size and deposits increased 22.43% and 22.46% respectively over 2013. Total Export was Tk. 7,725 Crore and total Import was Tk.11,222 crore in 2014. However, again, due to the tightened guidelines and weak business sector-wise growth, it was very difficult to maintain asset quality. Bank’s classified loan increased to Taka 686 crore from last year’s Taka 472 crore. Despite provisions due to the classification of assets, AB maintained a capital ratio of 10.32% i.e. above the regulatory requirement. Earnings per Share stood at Taka 2.37. Our Profit before taxes and provision grew 30.91% over last year.

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