BRAC Bank Limited, a scheduled commercial Bank, commenced its business operation in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 4th July 2001. The Bank is mainly owned by the largest NGO in Bangladesh BRAC. The Bank has positioned itself as a new generation Bank with a focus to meet diverse financial needs of a growing and developing economy.

 The Bank has embarked with an avowed policy to promote broad based participation in the Bangladesh economy though the provision of high quality banking service based on latest information technology. The Bank will ensure this by increasing access to economic opportunities for all individuals and business in Bangladesh with a special focus on currently underserved enterprises and households’ across the rural-urban spectrum. We believe that increasing the ability of underserved individuals and enterprises to build their assets base and access market opportunities will increase the economic well being for all Bangladeshis.

BRAC Bank has a centralized banking structure though on-line banking system that resembles the ABN AMRO model. It consisted of four major divisions’ namely small and medium enterprises division, Retail Banking, Corporate Banking and treasury Division.

The main objective of this report is to explore the overall scenario of BRAC Bank Ltd. By analyzing the Retail Products, Promotional Campaign, Competitive Marketing Strategies, Rate of Interest, and various key factors. The objective of the study can be summarized as follow:

To gain understanding of the various retail credit of BRAC Bank.

To gain under standing of how ATM concepts affect day to day decision in the Bank.

To highlight the products assortments of BRAC Bank.

To get a clear scenario about the various scheme of BRAC Bank.

The study is performed based on the information extract from different sources collected by using a specific methodology. The study uses both primary source and secondary source. The report is divided into two parts. One is the Organization Part and the other is the Project Part. The parts are virtually separate from one another.

Primary Sources:

Face to face conversation with the respective officers and stuffs.

Sharing practical knowledge of officials.

Relevant file study provided by the officers concerned.

In-depth study of selected cases.

Secondary Sources:

Annual report of BRAC Bank Limited.

Audit Report.


Relevant books, Research papers, Newspapers and Journal.

Internet and various study selected report.

What is Retail Banking?

What are the Retail Products?

Why I interested to do this report on the topic?

Objective of the report.

Methodology of the study.

Limitation of the study.

Company Overview.

Retail Products of BRAC Bank.

SWOT analysis of BRAC Bank.


Large scale research was not possible, due to constraints and restrictions posed by the organization.

The research only covers the activities done by the Gulshan Head Office.

The survey does not cover the organizational or corporate customers of BRAC Bank.

In many cases, up to date information was not published.

Limitation of time is one of the most important factors that shortened present study.

Confidentially of data is another barrier, secret information can not be related.

Rush hours and business in another reason that acted obstacle while gathering data.

BRAC Bank Limited, with institutional shareholding by BRAC, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Shorecap International, has been the fastest growing Bank for last three years. At the year end of 2005, BRAC Bank had recorded a 103 percent growth in assets, and a 65 percent growth in liabilities, with an operating profit of 84 percent over the previous year 2004.

As a fully operational commercial Bank, BRAC Bank dealing with all the corporate products including non-funded facilities to medium size enterprise where the requirement range varies from BDT 3.00 million to BDT 20.00 million. In the last four years of operations, the Bank has distributed over BDT 1200 crore in loans to nearly 32,000 small and medium entrepreneurs. The management of the Bank believes that this sector of the economy can contribute the most to the rapid generation of employment in Bangladesh.

BRAC, A national private organization, started as an almost entirely donor funded, small-scale relief and rehabilitation project initiated by Fazle Hasan Abed to help the country overcome the devastation and trauma of the liberation War and focused on resetting refuges returning from India. Today, BRAC has emerged as an independent, virtually self-financed paradigm in sustainable human development. It is one of the largest Southern development organizations employing 97,192 people, with 61% women, and working with the twin objectives of poverty alleviation and empowerment of the poor.The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is a member of the World Bank Group and is headquartering in Washington, DC. Established in 1956, IFC’s mission is to promote sustainable private sector investment in developing countries, helping to reduce poverty and improve people’s lives.

IFC is the largest multilateral source of loan and equity financing for private sector projects in developing world. The organization promotes sustainable private sector investment in developing countries that is economically beneficial, financially and commercially sound, and environmentally and socially sustainable; as a way to reduce poverty and improve people’s lives.

It is the beliefs of the organization that sound economic growth is the key to poverty reduction; that it is grounded in the development of entrepreneurship and successful private investment; and that a conducive business environment is needed for the letter of thrives and contribute to improve people’s lives.

IFC promotes sustainable private sector development primarily by:

Financing private sector located in the developing world.

Helping private companies in the developing world mobilize financing in international financial markets.

Providing advice and technical assistance to business and government.


ShoreCap International Ltd. (SCI) is an international private equity company seeking to invest in small business Bank and regulated micro-finance institution in developing and transitional economics.

ShoreCap was launched by ShoreBank Corporation, America’s first and leading community development and environmental Banking Corporation. It invests in small business Banks, regulated micro-finance institutions and other regulated non-Bank financial service companies striving to profitably meet the credit needs to micro-entrepreneurs and small business in undeserved market.

ShoreCap builds in ShoreBank’s strong history of investing in the renewal of local communities in the U.S. and internationally. ShoreBank’s international work began in 1983 by advising Dr. Muhammad Yunus and for ten years doing the financial feasibility work for the major institutional donors to the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh.

For twenty of its thirty years, ShereBank has been working to release the dormant entrepreneurial energy of people in developing countries. ShoreCap is the next progression in thst work.

ShoreBank is a 9% investor in the ShoreCap and runs the management company which overseas investment activities, Joining ShoreBank are twelve other investors, including ABN AMRO Bank, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), BIO, Calvert, CDC, the Evslin Family Foundation, Finn fund, FMO, Ford Foundation, Gatsby Charitable Foundation, the International Finance Corporation (IFV) and the Skoll Foundation

BRAC Bank will adhere to professional and ethical business principles and internationally acceptable banking and accounting standards.

Sustained growth in Small and Medium sector, continuous low cost deposit growth with controlled growth in retailed Assets.

Achieve efficient synergies between the branches, SME unit offices and BRAC field offices for delivery of Remittance and Banks other products and services.

Manage various lines of business in fully controlled environment with no compromise on service quality.

Keep a diverse, far-fluent team fully motivated and driven towards materializing the Banks vision into reality.

Building a profitable and socially responsible financial institution focused on Markets and Business with growth potential, thereby assisting BRAC and other stakeholders build a “Just, enlightened, healthy, democratic and poverty free Bangladesh.”

BRAC Bank intends to be a unique organization in Bangladesh. It intends to be a knowledge-based organization where the BRAC Bank professionals learn continuously from their customer and colleagues worldwide to add value. They work as a team, stretch themselves, innovate and break barriers to serve customers and create customer loyalty through a value chain of responsive and professional service delivery. Continuous improvement, problem solution, excellence in service, business prudence, efficiency and adding value are the operative words of the organization.

BRAC Bank strives to serve its customers with respect and will work very hard to instill a strong customer service culture throughout the Bank. It treats its employees with dignity and builds a company of highly qualified professionals who have integrity and believe in the Bank’s vision and who are committed to its success.

BRAC Bank fights to be a socially responsible institution that will not lend to business that has a detrimental impact on the environment and people.

BRAC Bank intends to be the absolute market leader in the number of loans given to small and medium sized enterprises through out Bangladesh. BRAC Bank also strives to become a world-class organization in terms of service quality and establishing relationship that helps its customers develops and grows successfully. It wants to be the Bank of choice both for its employees and its customers, the model Bank in this part of the world.

BRAC Banks strength emanates from their owner – BRAC. This means, they hold the following values and will be guided by them as they do their jobs.

Creating an honest, open and enabling environment.

Have a strong customer focus and build relationship based on integrity, superior service and mutual benefit.

Strive for profit and sound growth.

Work as team to serve the best interest of our owners.

Relentless in pursuit of business innovation and improvement.

Responsible, trustworthy and law-abiding in all that we do.

Summed up in a single sentence, BRAC Bank’s long –term strategy is to go where the market is. The SME market in Bangladesh is large. The report produced by the ShoreBank team, (Ronald Grzywinsky, Mary Houghton and lynn Pikholz) and the independent consultant, Kaisar Zaman, indicates that the market size would be over hundreds of billion of takas. The Bank quotes: “As a result of the achievement of the micro-credit providers, Bangladesh now has an hour glass shaped Banking market in which credit and other limited financial services are valuable to both very large and very small business and very wealthy and very poor individuals. While there is well-known informal system that provide credit to business, virtually nothing is available from either Banks or micro finance provider to the million the middle-business and individual – who are severely constrained in their ability to produce and save for lack of access to financial resources and services. Until modern, terms and conditions that small can access, Bangladesh will not be able to create the large middle class that is a prerequisite to social stability.”

Group Business Principle and Value:

The BRAC Bank is committed to Five Core Business Principles:

Outstanding customer service;

Effective and efficient operations;

Strong capital and liability;

Conservative lending policy;

Strict expense discipline;

BRAC Bank Operates According to Certain Key Business Values:

The highest personal standards of integrity at all levels;

Commitment to truth and fair dealing, Hand –on management at all levels;

Openly esteemed commitment to quality and competence;

A minimum of bureaucracy;

Fast decisions and implementation;

Putting the group’s interests ahead of the individuals;

The appropriate delegation of authority with accountability;

Fair and objective employer;

A merit approach to recruitment/selection/promotion;

A commitment to complying with the spirit and letter of all laws and regulations wherever we conduct our business.

Just as BRAC Bank has a corporate identity, they have a social identity too. As a Bank they are socially responsible. Fifty percent (50%) of BRAC Bank’s loan portfolio is diverted to Small and Medium enterprise Banking, and as a financial intermediary they channel funds from the surplus end to the needy. Country-wide network of SME Units centre to the end of small entrepreneurs to help them build their asset base. BRAC Bank is market leader in SME, striving for socio-economic upheaval in Bangladesh. The bottom line is, BRAC Bank do not support any finances that are detrimental to our environment.

A portion of BRAC Banks revenue is channeled to support BRAC schools, where children study for free. 70% of these children are female.

Fastest growing Bank in the country for the last three years;

Leader in SME financing through 460 offices;

Biggest suit of personal Banking and SME products;

Large ATM’s and POS network.

BRAC Bank Ltd. Is a full service commercial Bank with local and international institutional shareholding is primarily driven by creating opportunities and pursuing market niches not traditionally met by conventional Bank. BRAC Bank has been striving to provide “Best-in-the-Class” services to its diverse range of customers spread across the country under an on-line Banking platform. The Human Resource Manager currently heads this department. The major functions of this department are strategic planning, Training and developments, Personnel service and security. The Human resource officer monitors the employee staffing and administration activities. The Training officer supervises Training, Development & Rotation activities.

The reason BRAC Bank is in business is to build a profitable and socially responsible financial institution focused on market and business with growth potential, thereby assisting BRAC and stakeholders to build a “ Just, Enlightened, Healthy, Democratic and Poverty free Bangladesh.” This means to help make communities and economy of the country stronger and to help people achieve their dreams. At BRAC Bank, they fulfill the purpose by reaching for high standard in everything they do for their customers, their stakeholders, their associates and their communities, upon which the future prosperity of the company rests. As such a career in the BRAC Bank Ltd. requires one to be versatile, to have genuine love and understanding towards others and to be able to take on different roles.
BRAC Bank holds the following values and they will be guided by these as they do their jobs:

Value the fact that they are a number of BRAC families.

Creating an honest, open and enabling environment.

Have a strong customer focus and relationship based on integrity, superior service and mutual benefit.

Strive for profit & sound growth.

Work as a team to serve the best interest of their owners.

Relentless in pursuit of business innovation and improvement.

Value and respect people and make decision based on merit.

Base recognition and reward on performance.

Responsible, trustworthy and law-abiding in all that they do.

BRAC Bank HR focuses on personnel retention and development. The main emphasize is on the human element. BRAC are responsible for both the welfare of the organization and that of their employees. Staffing a Bank is no minor feet. That is why they try to be a business drive function with a thought understanding of the Banks big picture. Managing the employees is a major job. So the personnel at HR must be equal to the task. It’s not enough to be just able to screen potential employees however. BRAC Bank also has to be able to handle a crisis in a discreet manner. The HR team must also be a good judge of moral and posses a clear deep understanding of people and their quality of life choices.

BRAC Bank is a journey to transformation. They are coaches and succession planners. They promote and fight for values, ethics, benefits and spirituality with in the Bank community. They are also a quality of life experts, prepared mediators, business sleuths, company strategies, and management partners. A BRAC Bank HR personnel is a counselor, a psychologist and an educator in the organization. HR career is a lifelong problem solver. In conclusion, the HR at BRAC Bank is about the ten toughest questions answered.

It is very important to choose the right career and employer, and that is why the people at HR of BRAC Bank want to give others the clearest possible information about their organization. BRAC Bank’s aim is to provide people with all the facts they need to make an informed as to whether they are right for people… And people are right for them.

Service Department of BRAC Bank

This is an integral and vital part of the Bank. The service ensures smooth operation and functioning within and between all the departments of BRAC Bank. It also provides continuous support to the core banking activities of BRAC Bank. The manager of services heads this department who formulates and manages various critical issues of the services function of BRAC Bank. He is followed by a group of executives who are the heads of various subsidiary divisions that operate within the service department. The service department is considered as the backbone of all other departments. The various subsidiary division within this department are administration, IT, Internal Control (IC).


Like that of any other organizations, the Admin department of BRAC Bank makes sure that the organizations moves on with all its departments and staffs operating according to all the rules and regulations of the company. It also prevents any bottlenecks within the work process and ensures smooth functioning. The Admin department has two divisions- General Administration and Business Support Services.

The general admin division is pretty much similar to the admin departments of other companies that ensure discipline and regulatory concerns. The business support services provide support to the departments during employee leaves and sudden terminations so that the department can function without problems.

Information Technology (IT):

This department gives the software and hardware supports to different departments of the Bank. As BRAC Bank is engaged in online banking, the role of IT is very crucial for the bank. The department is the most active department of BRAC Bank where employees always stand by to solve any problems in the system. The managers and executives of IT division work continuously to develop the total IT system of BRAC Bank so that it can be operated with ease, accuracy and speed.

Internal Control:

BRAC Bank has internal auditors who visit on regular basis and submit the report to the higher authority for audit purposes. This gives different departments the chances to know their mistakes and take necessary corrective actions. Again, the Bank annually administers a company wide audit program to evaluate the overall performance of the Bank in Bangladesh.

Marketing Department

One of the major departments of BRAC Bank is the marketing department. The marketing departments of BRAC Bank play a vital role in fostering the continuous growth BRAC Bank in Bangladesh. A manager is assigned to this department who looks after the overall marketing operation of BRAC Bank in Bangladesh. This Department is basically concerned about marketing the company’s product, services and building a strong corporate image. The department of BRAC Bank has three subdivisions: direct Sales, Promotion & Marketing Administration.

Direct Sales (DS)

An executive is assigned to this part of the marketing department. The Direct sales division coordinates & manages the sales activities of all the Mobile sales officers (MSO) of BRAC Bank Bangladesh. The MSO’s basically makes sales of the company various Personal Banking products such as Savings accounts, consumer loan, etc outside the Banking premises. There are a total of more then 50 mobile sales officers (MSO) employed in the cities of Dhaka and Chittagong. A MSO’s are assigned to specific branches for making sales activities more smoothly. The DS executive sets sales strategies & targets for the sales officers and manages the whole team of MSO’s in Bangladesh. The direct sales department also decides upon the commission and remuneration of the mobile sales officers as their salary structure is based on sales performances. Thus this part of the marketing division is very important for the overall growth of the Personal Banking Division.


This part of marketing department deals with all the promotional activities of BRAC Bank Bangladesh. Prime responsibilities of this department are: Maintaining strong public relations with various media intermediaries, Advertising the companies products and services, building a strong corporate image of BRAC Bank in Bangladesh.

Public Relations:

The promotion department organizes various environmental and social activities in order to build a strong corporate image of BRAC Bank in the mind of customers as well as in the media. Maintaining strong relationship with news media is another major duty of this department.


The promotion also coordinates all the advertising of BRAC Bank products within Bangladesh. Some of the advertising tools that are frequently used by the company are as follows:

a)      Newspaper Advertising: Regular advertisements of various products and services of BRAC Bank are given in some of the countries most renowned daily newspaper.

b)      Billboards: Huge colorful billboards with BRAC Bank logo are found in various major areas of Dhaka and Chittagong. These billboards emphasize on the needs of customers and shows BRAC Bank logo as solution to their needs.

c)      Road Side Signposts: Medium sized multi color signposts focusing on various products of BRAC Bank are found on the road sides of various posh areas such as Gulshan, Dhanmondi, Baridhara, Motijheel etc.

d)      Mailers: Various product updates and new products information are regularly sent to existing customers of BRAC Bank.

e)      Brochures: Various colorful brochures featuring specific products of BRAC Bank are being displayed and distributed to existing and potential customers via branch offices and Mobile sales officers.

f)       Banners: Various types of banners are distributed in the retailers’ shops with the brochures racks of the services of the BRAC Bank providing to the customers.

So, these are some of promotional activities managed and coordinated by the promotion department.



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Employed as a regular salaried staff

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Maximum Amount

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Loan up to 15 times of your Salary

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What do you need to apply?

For salaried employees tourist visa of the traveling country, last 3 months bank statement, last salary slip/ latter of introduction showing salary, proof of ID, proof of residence, business card, photocopy of passport, quotation from travel agency regarding airfare, proof of employment of minimum 2 years applicants & employers name in the address field.

For a self- employed person, tourist visa of the traveling country, last six months bank statement, copy of trade license, TIN Certificate, proof of the residence, spouse guarantee, business card, photocopy of passport, quotation from travel agency regarding airfare.



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Copy of credit card

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Loan up to 5 years

Attractive interest rate



This is a special scheme that allows you to avail cash at nominal interest rates. Your security is kept untouched in the banks custody as the value grows.


All BRAC account holders aged from 21 to 65 years

People from all income groups – salaried employees and self-employed business people with security in their possession.

Maximum Amount

Maximum amount can go up to Tk 5 crores. We even allow loans up to even 100% of the value of your securities (conditions apply)


You repay only interest at quarterly intervals

You are allowed to choose between the quarterly repayment option and the monthly installment option

You can avail the facilities in single or in joint names

Your interest will be calculated using reducing balance method

A wide range of security is acceptable to the Bank. These are: Fixed Deposits at BRAC Bank and other Banks, ICB unit certificates and Wage Earner Development Bonds (special cases)

Employer’s Guarantee can be the security.


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Opening Requirements

A Current Account or Savings Account
General Features

A term deposit with a guaranteed monthly return on investment

Competitive interest rates

early encashment flexibility

Secured Loan and/or Secured Overdraft eligibility

Interest Features

Proposed rate of interest on Deposits:


Principal Amount & Rate of Interest

Tenor100K- 999K1000K- 4999K5000K- 9999K10000K- 49999K50000K- 99999K100000K & Above
1 Month12.00%12.00%12.00%12.00%12.00%12.00%
3 Months12.00%12.00%12.00%12.00%12.00%12.00%
6 Months12.00%12.00%12.00%12.00%12.00%12.00%
12 Months12.00%12.00%12.00%12.00%12.00%12.00%
24 Months11.00%11.00%11.00%11.00%11.00%11.00%
36 Months11.00%11.00%11.00%11.00%11.00%11.00%

Below Tk 1.00 lac = 9%



Principal Amount & Rate of Interest


100K- 999K

1000K- 4999K

5000K- 9999K

10000K & Above

12 Months





24 Months





36 Months






This time you don’t have to wait till maturity to receive interest on your Fixed Deposit. BRAC Bank Interest First Fixed Deposit lets you draw the interest instantly at the time of your deposit. Believe it, a deposit scheme where the client receives interest in advance.


Instant interest on fixed Deposit

Interest reinvestment opportunity

Attractive rate of return

Loan facility against the IFFD


Your hard earned money is paying-off immediately; BRAC Bank ‘Abiram’ Account is a special type of Fixed Deposit scheme, which offers the flexibility & comfort of having a guaranteed monthly return on your investment. With BRAC Bank ‘Abiram’ Account, you can ensure a safe & steady return on your investment.


Monthly interest on your deposit

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‘Banking That Sets You Free’ BRAC Bank offers you EZee Account a non-cheque interest bearing account for small savers who are in frequent need of transaction. You don’t need to write a cheque or stand in a long queue to draw your own money from BRAC Bank. You can get an ATM card to operate your account round the clock.


24 hour access to ATMs and POS

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Monthly installments can be as low as Tk. 500 or any multiples of it

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Receive a Savings a/c with a personalized cheque book

On-line banking facilities

You don’t need to stand in a long queue to deposit your DPS Installments. You can always deposit more than one installment in your savings account and we’ll automatically transfer the installment to your DPS account on due dates

Monthly Installment
Amount (BDT.)

Maturity amount after completion of all regular
installments payment*

4 Years

7 Years

11 Years

14 Years












A regular savings account offering you interests on your deposit amount.

Features (Conditions Apply)

8 transactions

Cash withdrawal and deposit of 5 lac and above need clarification

No forfeiture rules or hidden costs

No requirement for notices to be given before making a withdrawal

Use our network of ATMs for easy cash withdrawal

Get mini balance statements from our ATM whenever you need

Interest rate of 5.5% on average monthly balance


How to open a Savings Account

Primary Account opening balance – 15,000 BDT

No minimum balance required

Photocopy of your valid passport

3 copies of your recent photograph

Valid photocopy of you ID Card/Driving License

Photocopy of your Trade License

Nominee’s Photograph


 A deposit scheme to give returns on your savings is a short term deposit.



Minimum balance required is Tk. 100,000

Interest paid twice a year but calculated monthly if balance is Tk. 100,000 or above.

Secured returns.



 BRAC Bank’s Current Account is a normal checking account, giving you the option to deposit and withdraw money for your day-to-day needs.



ATM card for easy cash withdrawal

Withdraw money from all our ATM’s

Deposit cheques at any of our branches and get the fund transferred to your account immediately.

Use online banking facility for free

Easy access to our other facilities


BRAC Bank Salary Account is a payroll account for Employers and Employees. As an organization, you can opt for our Salary Account to enable easy disbursements of salary & enjoy numerous other benefits.


The organization needs to have a minimum of 10 employees and a payout of Tk. 1 lac per month and an average salary per employee of Tk. 10,000 per month.

Zero Balance
There is no minimum balance required to open Salary Account. Your employees can open Salary Account with zero balance.

Non-Checking Account
Salary Account does not have a cheque book. Hence, your employees don’t need to worry about any fraud. It ensures complete peace of mind.

ATM Debit Card
your employees will be provided with ATM Debit Cards to allow them to access to 24 hour banking. These ATM Debit Cards can also be used for retail purchases at various stores all around the country.


Saving Interest
The account also accrues interest on deposits. No minimum balance is required to earn interest on the account. All an employer would require to do is to send BRAC Bankan advice (in the form of a cheque/debit instruction etc) for the total salary amount along with the salary details of the designated employees in a soft and hard copy format and we will credit the respective employees’ accounts as per your statement of advice.


BRAC Bank 3-Year Step Up Fixed Deposit GUARENTEES increase of interest rate each year. It is the most attractive investment because the rate automatically increases each year. Step in today to step up your interest.

BRAC Bank 3-year Step up Fixed Deposit works like normal Fixed Deposit except with one unique feature added to it i.e. the customer will get a guaranteed 0.5% increase in the rate of interest upon completion of each year as per the following schedule:

11.00% for the 1st year

11.50% for the 2nd year

12.00% for the 3rd year


VISA cards are accepted at all BBL, VISA & Q-Cash ATMs & POSs

Daily Withdraw limit is 50,000/- from ATM

Withdraw upto BDT 3,00,000/- from BBL Branch POS

Daily Purchase limit BDT 1,00,000/- from BBL / Q-cash / VISA merchant POS



Baily Road1/5, Nawratan Color Shop-5, Property Arcade, New Baily Road, Dhaka
BaridharaPlot # 22, Block # J, Pragati Sharani, Baridhara, Dhaka
Banani10, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka
House # 67/D, Road # 11, Block # E,Banani , Dhaka
Basabo454,455; South Basabo (Basabo Ohab Colony Rehabilitation area), Dhaka
Basundhara BazarPlot-125-A, Block-A, Bashundhara Bazar, Bashundhara Residential Area, Baridhara, Dhaka
Bashundhara CityBasundhara City Market (Ground Floor) L-1.B-1-A (Near Fixed Glass Cover, Opposite Of TITAN), Dhaka
BijoynagarH # 202, Shohoid Syed Nazrul Islam Avenue (New), Old Bijoy Nagar, Dhaka
Dhanmondi766, Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka
Raifels Square Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Donia342, Dania Bishwa Road, Jatrabari, Dhaka
Elephant RoadSheltech Sierra, 236, New Elephant Road, Dhaka
370, Elephant Road Dhaka
FakirapulHouse # 117/4, DIT Ext. Road, Fakirapul, Dhaka
Farmgate115/A, Old Airport Road (Near Police Camp), Dhaka
Golapbag,Sayedabad67/3/B (GF), North Golapbag, Bishwaroad, Jatrabari, Dhaka
Gulshan1, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan, Dhaka
H # 50, R # 3, Plot # 2, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka
Gulshan-224,Gulshan Circle-2, Gulshan, Dhaka
HatiprpulNahar Plaza, 26-Sonargaon Road, Hatirpul, Dhaka
E-Lobby 1CES (A) 48/A Gulshan Avenue Dhaka- 1212 (Presently 98 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka)
Green Road“Suvastu Edifice Holding-51-52, Green Road Shop-5, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Gulshan Badda Link RoadGa – 83, Link Road, Middle Badda, Gulshan, Dhaka
Indira Road78, Indira Road, Dhaka
KatabonShop # 56, Kataban, Dhaka University Market, Dhaka
Kafrul845, Kazipara Kafrul, Dhaka- 1216 (Near Volvo Stand)
H # 82/4, Shop No. 02, Ibrahimpur, X-Chandrima Community Center, Kafrul, Dhaka
KakrailAsif Manson, 77/1 Kakrail, Dhaka
Kamlapur1/1, Khalil Bhaban, North Kamlapur, Motijheel, Dhaka
Kawran BazarH # 31, Salda Overseas, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Dhaka
Khilgaon401/A, Khilgaon Chowrasta, Khilgaon, Dhaka
KhilkhetKazi Shopping Complex, Badda, Dhaka
KurilHakim Plaza, KA-216, Kuril Chowrasta, Badda, Dhaka
Malibagh484/1, DIT Road, Malibagh Rail Gate, Dhaka
MohakhaliBRAC University, 66,Mohakhali, Dhaka
Holding # H-33-36,Amtoli, Airport Road,Mohakhali,Dhaka
MoghbazarArong Plaza, 211 Outer Circular Road, Moghbazar, Dhaka
MohammadpurCollegeGate, Mohammadpur (opposite of Suhrawardy Hospital), Dhaka
Ground floor, House # 4/30, Salimullah Road, Block-D, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Plot No. 13&10/1, Mohammadia Housing Main Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Plot – 1, Asad Gate, Mirpur Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
House #32/1, Sher Shah Suri Road, Block -D,Mohammadpur , Dhaka
Motijheel9-G Motijheel C/A, Dhaka
107, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka
Monipuri Para17/1, Monipuri Para,Shangsad Avenue (Farhadunnesa Wakfa State Mosque Complex), Dhaka
Mugdha Bishwa Road43/13, Shabuj Kanan, Atish Dipankar Road, Dhaka
MirpurH # 13, R # 3, Block A, Section 11, Mirpur, Dhaka
House # 1/2, Section 6, Block # D, Road # 15, Mirpur, Dhaka
House # 1/1, Road – 6, Section  – 7, Mirpur, Dhaka
DELTA Medical Center Limited. 26/2, Darussalam Road, Mirpur-1, Dhaka
Mirpur 10 Circle, Plot # 35, Block -Kha,Road # 01,Section-06, Mirpur 10, Dhaka
Holding No. 1, Road No. 4, Block No. F, Section No. 1, Mirpur, Dhaka
Shatabdi Bhaban, Plot#19,Main Road, Shen Para-Parbata, Section-10, Mirpur, Dhaka.
1-B/1-13,Kawalla Para, Main Road, Mirpur, Dhaka
House No 132/4, 1st Colony, Mazar Road,Mirpur , Dhaka
Narinda14 / 1 Narinda Road, Sutrapur, Dhaka
Nazimuddin Road90/91 Nazimuddin Road, Lalbag, Dhaka
New MarketNew Market, Dhaka
Old Airport Road105, Awlad Hossain Super Market,Shop # 6, Old Airport Road, Dhaka
PanthapathHaque Chamber, 89/2 West Panthapath, Dhaka (Beside Samorita Hospital)
Razarbagh17 Outer Circular Road, Razarbagh, Dhaka
RampuraGreen Tower (ShopNo-GF-1) 15 East Rampura, DIT Extention Road, Dhaka
House # 02, Road # 03, Block – D, Project “Bonosree” Estern Housing Limited, Rampura, Dhaka
455/1,DIT Road,West Rampura, Dhaka
ShantinagarKulsum Tower (GF), 40-41 Siddheswari Circular Road,Shantinagar, Dhaka
Shyamoli19-20, Adarsha Sayaneer Housing Society, Ring Road, Shyamoli, Dhaka
Near Shamoli Cinama Hall, Shamoli, Dhaka
Shahbagh15, Aziz Super Market, Shahbagh, Dhaka
ShahjadpurKa-32/6,Shahjadpur, Gulshan, Dhaka
UttaraPlot # 1, Road # 15, Sector # 3, Uttara, Dhaka
Plot No 12/A , Road No 7/D,Sector #9 ,Uttara, Dhaka
Ground Floor, Plot # 37, Road # 7, Sector – 3, Uttara, Dhaka
WariShop-19, 6 Folder Street, Bokultola, Wari, Dhaka.
Zia International AirportZia International Airport
SavarRana Plaza, Savar, Dhaka
TongiNasiruddin Sarkar Tower” 2 No Mymensingh Road, Tongi, Gazipur



AgrabadC & F Tower, 1222 Sheikh Mujib Road (1st Floor),Agrabad, Chittagong.
GEC, CDA AvenueHosna Kalam Complex Plot # 3439, CDA Avenue East Nasirabad, Chittagong
HalisharH # 1, R # 1, Block L, Halishahar Housing Estate, Chittagong.
Momen Road2, Momin Road, Chittagong
Panchlaish12/12, O.R.Nizam Road, Panchlaish, Chittagong.
PotiaPourshava Holding 1358/Kha, Potiya, Chittagong.
Shahid Shohorawardi RoadChowdhury Tower, 5/6 Shahid Shohorawardi Road, Chittagong



ChowhattaJ&J Enterprise,Rahaman Manjil, Niloy-41, Chowhatta, Sylhet
ShibgonjShop # 2, Ground Floor,Moushumi Complex, Shibgonj Bazar, Sylhet
SubidbazarPallabi trade centre,Subidbazar,Sunamganj Road,Sylhet.
ZindhabazarNew Golden City Complex, East Zindabazar, Sylhet



Rajshahi177, Kumarpara, Ghoramara, Rajshahi



BarisalS. Rahman Market (1st Floor),79 Sadar Road ,Barisal




NarayangonjHolding-147(New), 113(OLD), B.B.Road Narayangonj.


Mymenshing8, Shamacharam Roy Road, Notun Bazar, Mymenshing


Comilla682/615, Jhaotala, PS-Kotwali, Comilla 


BograSheikh Mansion, 368/405 Rangpur Road, Borogola Bogra


Jessore35, Rawnak Chamber, MK Road, Jessore



Sl. No.

Merchant Name



Le Saigon



BRAC Aarong



BRAC Aarong



BRAC Aarong



BRAC Aarong



BRAC Aarong



BRAC Aarong



BRAC Aarong



Sabah Electronics

Baitul Mukarram


Sabah Electronics

Eastern Plaza


New Jesmeen Consortium

Baily Road


Sopura Silk Mills Limited



Sopura Silk Mills Limited



Sopura Silk Mills Limited



Sopura Silk Mills Limited



Tangail Sharee Kutir And Reshmi

Baily Road


Tangail Sharee Kutir And Reshmi

Eastern Plaza


Tangail Sharee Kutir And Reshmi



Tangail Sharee Kutir And Reshmi

Bashundhara City


Mouchak Jewelers



Mouchak Jewelers



Artist Collection



Artist Collection



Artist Collection



Dia Gold



Rupahali Centre



Price Club




Baily Road


Rupahali Sharee

Rifles Square


The Poroma Jewelers



Sound Valley



PQS Departmental Store



PQS Departmental Store



PQS Departmental Store



Agora (Rahimafrooz Super Stores Ltd.)



Decent Jewelers



Family Needs Limited



Brand Cross



Pick And Pay (TTL (PTE) Ltd. )



Menz Klub

Elephant Road


Menz Klub

Metro Shopping


Menz Klub

Rifles Square


Menz Klub

Elephant Road


Menz Klub

Bashundhara City


Shopping Festival

Metro Shopping


Watch Garden

New Market


Golden Mile

Metro Shopping



Rifles Square



Metro Shopping



Bashundhara City


Lubnan (Richman)

Metro Shopping


Lubnan (Richman)

Bashundhara City


The Al Noor Jewelers

New Market



Rapa Plaza






Rapa Plaza


Lavender Convenience Store Ltd.



Lavender Convenience Store Ltd.



Rockport Shoes

Rapa Plaza


Tashin Plaza

Rapa Plaza


JC Penny

Bashundhara City


Bridge House Hallmark Shop



Baskin 31 Robbins (Well Foods)



Baskin 31 Robbins (Well Foods)



Baskin 31 Robbins (Well Foods)

Bashundhara City





New Jacki’s Electronics

Rapa Plaza


New Jacki’s Electronics

Bashundhara City


New Jacki’s Electronics



New Jacki’s Electronics

Baitul Mukarram


New Jacki’s Electronics



Big Buffalo Shoes

Metro Shopping


Big Buffalo Shoes

Elephant Road


Big Buffalo Shoes

Rapa Plaza


Big Buffalo Shoes

Bashundhara City


Big Buffalo Shoes

Rifles Square


Big Buffalo Shoes

Bashundhara City


Bandhan Jewelers

Chandni Chawak





Cartier Shoes

Metro Shopping


Cartier Shoes

Elephant Road


The Amin Jewelers

Prince Plaza


Family Needs Limited



Etcetera Bangladesh (Pte.) Ltd.



Etcetera Bangladesh (Pte.) Ltd.



New Genaration Food



Handibazar Limited



Handibazar Limited



Handibazar Limited

Elephant Road


Handibazar Limited



Handibazar Limited



Crocodile (New Era Trading)

Bashundhara City


Subarna Super Shop

Bashundhara City


Parma Jewelers



Sweet Dream (Sweet Dream Trade Ltd.)



Sweet Dream (Sweet Dream Trade Ltd.)







Bashundhara City












New Market


Ace Workshop & Service Centre (Pvt.) Ltd.



Ko-Mart (GNG International Trading Ltd.)



Beauty Optical

New Market


R.K. Electronics

Eastern Plaza


R.K. Electronics

Bashundhara City


R.K. Electronics

Rifles Square



If the card is lost:

At first call at the help desk to block the card ( 24 hours help)

Go to the respective branch to collect the ATM service form. After filling submit it to the branch within 3 working days, it will be collected along with PIN.

In help line, balance cannot be enquired over phone.









What is BRAC Bank Aarong ATM Card?

It’s a co-branded ATM Card with special cash back feature.

How is it different from other cards?
Unlike other ATM cards, the holder of this card can enjoy 5% cash back facility while shopping at any Aarong outlet and the discount shall be automatically credited to customer’s account with BRAC Bank.



Save 5 % on every shopping at Aarong

Get cash back straight into your account and earn interest



24-hour access to ATM’s across Bangladesh

Access to countrywide designated POS (Point of Sales)



What is BRAC Bank ALICO ATM Card?

It’s a co-branded ATM Card with Life Insurance coverage.

How is it different from other cards?
Unlike other ATM cards, the holder of this card can enjoy a special life insurance facility.


Free Life insurance Coverage upto BDT 200,000 with world’s leading insurance company ALICO

No premium payment hassle



24-hour access to ATM’s across Bangladesh



What is BRAC Bank DIA Gold ATM Card?
It’s a co-branded ATM Card with special cash back and cash discount feature.

How is it different from other cards?
Unlike other ATM cards, the holder of this card can enjoy 10% cash back facility while buying diamond products and 8% cash discount on the making charge of purchased gold items at any DIA GOLD outlet.


Save 10% on Diamond jewelries

Save 8% on the making charge of Gold jewelries

Get cash back straight into your account and earn interest





Minimum Opening DepositBDT 15,000
Annual Account Maintenance FeeNo Charges (upfront)
Transaction FeeNo Charges
Minimum Monthly Balance FeeNo Charges
Minimum Average Balance FeeNo Charges
Chequebook Issue FeeBDT 100 (if balance below TK 15,000 at the time of issuing cheque book)
Closing FeeBDT 300




Minimum Opening DepositBDT 15,000
Annual Account Maintenance FeeBDT 600 (upfront)
Transaction FeeNo Charges
Minimum Monthly Balance FeeNo Charges
Minimum Average Balance FeeNo Charges
Chequebook Issue FeeBDT 100 (if balance below TK 15,000 at the time of issuing cheque book)
Closing FeeBDT 300




Minimum Opening DepositBDT 10,000
Annual Account Maintenance FeeNo Charges
Transaction FeeNo Charges
Minimum Monthly Balance FeeNo Charges
Minimum Average Balance FeeNo Charges
Chequebook Issue FeeBDT 350
Closing FeeBDT 300





Minimum Opening DepositNot Required
Annual Account Maintenance FeeNo Charges
Transaction FeeNo Charges
Minimum Monthly Balance FeeNo Charges
Minimum Average Balance FeeNo Charges
Chequebook Issue FeeNo Charges
Closing FeeBDT 300





Minimum Opening DepositBDT 2,000
Annual Account Maintenance FeeNo Charges
Transaction FeeNo Charges
Minimum Monthly Balance FeeNo Charges
Minimum Average Balance FeeNo Charges
Chequebook Issue FeeBDT 350
Closing FeeBDT 300





          – VISA CardBDT 568
          – Co-Branded CardBDT 495
          – CampusBDT 425
          – VISA Card568
          – Co-Branded Card495
          – Campus425
Uncollected Card Destruction (all type)No Charges





Issue of Bangladesh Bank ChequeBDT 200
Stop Payment
        – Account Payee ChequeBDT 200
        – Cash ChequeBDT 500
Stop Payment CancellationBDT 200
        – Due to Insufficient FundsBDT 500
        – For Other ReasonNo Charges
Outstanding Cheque CollectionBDT 200
Uncollected Chequebook DistributionNo Charges
Cheque Purchase
         – LCYBDT 500 Plus actual Postage
         – FCY2.00% (Minimum BDT 1,000)





Secured Loan Processing (Our Bank’s Security)As Per PPG
Secured Loan Processing (Other Bank’s Security)As Per PPG
Secured Overdraft RenewalAs Per PPG
Unsecured Loan ProcessingAs Per PPG
Loan DocumentationBDT 100 (on approved loan)
Loan Rescheduling/ Rearrangement1.00% on outstanding amount (maximum BDT 15,000)
Early SettlementAs Per PPG
Quotation ChargeBDT 500
Security ChargeBDT 500
Security Documentation PhotocopyBDT 200
Loan ServicingNo Charge




BDT 1 and AboveBDT 100
BDT 100,000 and AboveBDT 200
BDT 500,000 and AboveBDT 300
BDT 1,00,000 and AboveBDT 1,000
BDT 5,00,000 and AboveBDT  2,000





BDT 1 and AboveNo Charge
BDT 100,000 and AboveNo Charge
BDT 500,000 and AboveNo Charge
BDT 1,00,000 and AboveNo Charge
BDT 2,500,000 and AboveBDT  200
BDT 5,00,000 and AboveBDT  1,000




LCY DD/ PO Issue 
         – Up to BDT 100,000BDT 100
         – Above BDT 100,000BDT 200
LCY DD/ PO CancellationBDT 300
FCY D IssueBDT 1,000
FCY DD CancellationBDT 1,000
FIT (SWIFT) Advice
          – IssueBDT 1,000
          – CancellationBDT 1,000




FCY / TC Issue 
         – Customer1.00%
         – Non-Customer1.00%
FCY EncashmentNo Charge
TC Encashment (Our Bank)
          – Customer0.25%
          – Non-Customer0.50% (Minimum BDT 500)
TC Encashment (Other Bank)
          – Customer0.50%
          – Non-Customer1.00% (Minimum BDT 500)
Passport Endorsement
           – CustomerBDT 200
           – Non-CustomerBDT 500
Certificate of TC Encashment
           – CustomerBDT 200
           – Non-CustomerBDT 300
Endorsement from FCY AccountBDT 200




Account Statement Issue 
         – For current yearBDT 100
         – For previous yearBDT 200
Balance Certificate Issue
         – General – Same DayBDT 150
         – General – Next DayBDT 100
         – Addressed to specific party – Same DayBDT 300
         – Addressed to specific party – Next DayBDT 200
Solvency Certificate IssueBDT 300
Locker Service
          – Small2,500 Yearly
         – Medium3,500 Yearly
         – Large4,500 Yearly
Student Service
        – Document VerificationBDT 2,000 Yearly
        – File MaintenanceBDT 3,500 Yearly
Account to Account Instant Fund TransferBDT 200
BBL Statement VerificationBDT 200
Certificate of Inward RemittanceBDT 150 Per Remittance
Duplicate instrument Issue(DD, PO, FD etc)BDT 500 Per Instrument
Processing Standing InstructionBDT 100 Per Instance
Mail Forwarding
           – To customers address abroadBDT 200 + Postage
           – To specific OrganizationBDT 1,000 + Postage

PRODUCT: BRAC Bank Limited (BBL) has continued to maintain a free flow of product development throughout the past couple of years. Its latest development in product offering has created a new dimension in private commercial banking in Banking. To remaining this flow of new products introduced in the market, BBL should try in bringing out new products or re-establish the old product with a new taste and flavor for the customers.

PRICE: Price of the product is competitive. For many of its product Dhaka Bank is charging lower price than that of other banks.

PLACE: At present BRAC Bank Limited have 49 branches in Bangladesh. It has reached almost all the corner of Bangladesh. It has branches in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi and Khulna division.

PROMOTION: BRAC Bank at present has been using the media at full length for its promotional activities. The latest advertisement “Asthaa Obichol” has caused a wide spread eye-opening encounter for the existing and potential customers and the targeted market of the banking sector. BRAC Bank has recently renovated its web site ( with a more vibrant one with detailed information of the products and services it has to offer for its customers.






Strong Corporate Identity

BRAC Bank is one of the leading providers of financial services in Bangladesh. With its strong corporate image and identity it can better position in the minds of customers. This image has helped BRAC Bank grab the personal banking sector of Bangladesh very rapidly.


Distinct Operating Procedures

BRAC Bank is known for its distinct operating procedures. The company’s managing for value strategy better satisfy customers need and also keeps the firm profitable.


Distinct Schedule

Everyone in BRAC Bank from the appraiser to the top management has to work to the same schedule toward a different aspect of the same goal, interfacing simultaneously at all level over quite a long period of time.

Strong Employee Bonding and Belongingness

BRAC Bank employees are one of the major assets of the company. The employees of BRAC Bank have a strong sense of commitment towards organization and also feel proud and a sense of belonging towards BRAC Bank. The strong culture of BRAC Bank is the main reason behind the strength.

Efficient Performance

BRAC Bank provides hassle free customer service to its client base comparing to the other financial institutions of Bangladesh. Personalized approach to the needs of customers is its motto.

Young Enthusiastic Workforce

The selection & requirement of BRAC Bank emphasize on having the skilled graduates & postgraduates who have little or no previous work experience. The logic behind is that BRAC Bank wants to avoid the problem of ‘garbage in & garbage out’. This type of young & fresh workforce stimulates the whole working environment of BRAC Bank.



Empowered workforce

The human resource of BRAC Bank is extremely well thought & perfectly managed. As from the very first, the top management believed in empowered employees, where they refuse to put their finger in very p[art of the pie. This empowered environment makes BRAC Bank a better place for the employees. The employees are not suffocated with authority but are able to grow as the organization mature.

Companionable Environment

All office walls in BRAC Bank are only shoulder high partitions & there is no executive dining room. Any of the executives is likely to plop down at a table in its dining space & join in a lunch chat with whoever is there. One of the employees has said, “it’s exciting to know you may see & talk to the top management at any time. You feel a part of things”.

No Communication Barriers

BRAC Bank has tried hard to avoid communication barriers & structural bureaucracies. The little existence of authoritative barriers among the different level of management stimulates a feeling of importance as their work get priority over the position.


At BRAC Bank workshops are conducted periodically. On the workshops, all people participate as equals, with new members free to openly challenge top managers.

Free Exchange of Communication

At BARC Bank the main objective is to setting up workshop are to remove authority from an artificial spot at the top, and place it where the most knowledgeable people are, the people closest to the operations. The free exchange of ideas is reinforced by a policy of “constructive confrontation”. Each employee is expected to challenge ideas openly & aggressively, but never attack an individual motive for presenting an idea.

Management By Objectives (MBO)

BRAC Bank also has Management By Objectives (MBO) everywhere. Each person has multiple objectives all the employees must have to get the approval of their bosses on what they going to do. Later they review as how well they have performed their job with their management as well as the peer group.

“One-to-One” Meeting

The MBO makes the review a communication device among various groups. The key to the system is a “one-to-one” meeting between a supervisor & a subordinate. In the meeting, the problems in dealing with customer are put forward first & every one dug it to solve them.

Modern Equipment & Technology

BRAC Bank owns the best banking and information technology equipment in Bangladesh. It ultra modern banking system stating from terminal PC’s to Hub’s are based on the international standards and are the latest. The ‘Ascend Banking System’ product is one of the best examples in the context.

Visually Appealing Facilities

BRAC Bank has some of the best visually appealing branches and office premises in Dhaka and Chittagong that highly attract customers’ attention and customer also feel the flavor of an international environment, in spit of BRAC being a local bank, while banking with BRAC Bank.


Narrow Opening Span

BRAC Bank has a very narrow operating span in Bangladesh. It has only a few full services in Bangladesh situated only at Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong. Various geographic segments are currently not availing the services of BRAC Bank due to inconvenient branch location or absence of neighborhood branches.

Absence of Strong Marketing Activities

BRAC Bank currently don’t have any strong marketing activities through mass media e.g. Television. TV ads play a vital role in awareness building. BRAC Bank has no such TV ad campaign.

No Investment Products

Currently the personal banking divisions of BRAC Bank do not have investment products for its customers. The banning of investment loan by central bank posses a strong pressure to design new products.

Lack of Customer Confidence

As BRAC Bank is fairly new to the banking industry of Bangladesh average customers lack of confidence in BRAC Bank and judge the Bank as an average new Bank.

Too Many Contract Workers

BRAC Bank has contract workers who lack the commitment with superior quality service and also are pretty dissatisfied as being a contract worker. This hampers the bank’s service quality as a whole.

Low Remuneration Package

 The remuneration packages for the entry level officers are considerable low. Since other foreign and local banks offer a more lucrative salary package, it will be difficult for BRAC Bank to attract MBA’s in future with its current salary package.


BRAC Bank can peruse a diversification strategy in expanding its current line of business. The management can consider options of starting merchant banking of diversify in to leasing and insurance. As BRAC Bank is one of the leading providers of all financial services in Bangladesh, it can also offer these services.

Credit Cards

This is one of the most popular and emerging product in Bangladesh which offers customers full financial mobility. Various other banks and institutions are currently offering this product. Since BRAC Bank is yet to introduce such a world-class product, it can also take advantage of this product and grab the market share.

Long Hierarchy

BRAC Bank has a long hierarchy in its management structure compared to other private banks in the industry. Long hierarchy might hamper instant decision making procedure. If any problem arises regarding customers, as well as company or if changes are required for customer service immediately, long hierarchy will impede the job done instantly.


High Demand of Housing Loans

Since housing is one of the basic needs of people, there is a high demand of housing loans. BRAC Bank personal banking division can focus on this category of products and grab these segments of customer.

Distinct Operating Procedures

BRAC Bank is noted for its distinct operating procedures. Repayment capacity as assessed by BRAC Bank of individual client helps to decide how much one can borrow. As the whole leading process is based on a client’s repayment capacity, the recovery rate of BRAC Bank is close to 100%. This provides BRAC Bank financial stability and gears of BRAC Bank to be remaining in the business for the long run.

Countrywide Network

The ultimate goal of BRAC Bank is to expand its operations to whole Bangladesh. Nurturing this type of vision & mission and to act as required, will not only increase BRAC Bank’s profitability but also will secure its existence in the long run.

More Experienced & Managerial know-How

The top management team of BRAC Bank is expert in Banking activities. The operating policies established by them are unique & unified. All the members of the team carry out their management roles exhaustively. They equally contributed to BRAC Bank’s superior leadership, by carrying out their unique roles. They worked well together, respecting each others abilities, & arguing openly & without any rancor when they disagree.

Sophisticated Market

BRAC Bank is known to provide its Products and Services in the most innovative and Customized fashion (to meet individual customer’s need), they can definitely grab the market for sophisticated and improved service providers.

New Banking Technologies

New banking technologies are being very popular these days, for example- SME Banking, Internet/Online Banking, and such. BRAC Bank has already taken up some of this technological advancement and should go further ahead to satisfy their customers at more convenience through such technologies and gain more customer base because of this advancement.

Product Line Expansion

BRAC Bank can expand its existing financial product line to meet a broader range of customer needs. These can help them to gain more customers, as customers’ wants more specified and customized service these days.


Upcoming Banks

The upcoming private local & multinational banks posses a serious threat to the existing banking network of BRAC Bank. It is expected that in the next few years more commercial banks will emerge. If that happens the industry of competition will raise further and banks will have to develop strategies to compete against and win the battle of banks.

Lose of Customers

Absence of various products such as Credit Card, Housing Loan are causing various customer detract from BRAC Bank. This is a serious threat for BRAC Bank Bangladesh.

Moderate Levels of Customer Satisfaction

BRAC Bank should continuously improve its customer service strategies and the overall service quality needs to win the customer satisfaction undoubtedly.

Strong Presence of International Banks

These are a growing number of international and Multinational Banks in Bangladesh. Standard chartered, HSBC, City Bank, American Express and such other are expanding there operations here, poising threatening competition for BRAC Bank.

Growing Bargaining Power of Customer

In the banking sector of Bangladesh, customers have a strong bargaining power since there a large number of commercial banks providing similar services. Customers have a wide range of options in deciding where to bank. They can either go for the Multinationals or run to new local banks for getting quality service, poising a serious threat of BRAC Bank.

Innovative Competitors

New banks are entering into this industry with new facilities and better services, and consumers are becoming more fragmented. Competitors becoming more innovative to attract more customers by providing better products & services then their rivals. BRAC Bank has to be aware of this situation as they have already been facing the consequence of such problems.

Default Culture

This is a major problem in Bangladesh. As BRAC Bank is a very new organization the problem of non-performing loans or default loans is very minimum or insignificant. However, as the bank becomes older this problem will arise enormously and the bank finds itself in a more threatening environment. Thus BRAC Bank has to remain vigilant about this problem so that proactive strategies are taken to minimize this problem.

Limited Network

The geographic coverage of BRAC Bank is not that great. It is operating 5 out of 64 districts (Zone) of Bangladesh (Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi and Khulna) and has only 52 branches. Other nationalized commercial Banks (example: Uttara Bank, Jakuna Bank, etc.) have much expanded coverage. So, it seems that BRAC Bank Limited is losing potential sales.

To gain understanding of the various retail credit of BRAC Bank.

To gain under standing of how ATM concepts affect day to day decision in the Bank.

Overview of the Program:

Loans and Advance and retail credit program has been developed for bank with responsibility for the Asset. Liability Management (ALM) functions within the Bank as well as for persons supporting and associated with the ALM function in the Bank. This report consists of a combination of two parts:


Conceptual part: Include all the rules regarding loans advancements and retail credit BRAC Bank and regulations by the BRAC Bank.

Practical Part: Includes BRAC Bank’s operation and product within the regulations of BRAC Bank.

The Annual real GDP growth rate has a positive correlation with the availability of Commercial Bank.

The money supply growth rate expressed in % per annum, has a positive correlation with the growth of savings deposit.

The level of activity in housing starts, measured by the real Estate Activity Index, have a correlation with availability of mortgage.

The stock market index reveals the level of activity on the stock exchange and has a bearing on private Banking activities.

Loan losses are linked to the growth in GDP each quarter and are 0.80% initially.

The mortgage loan losses are linked to the growth in GDP each and are 0.20% initially.
BRAC Bank should ensure faster delivery of ATM Cards. Now it requires 7-10 days while some competitor could provide it within 2 days.

Its some charges and fees are quite impractical. Relatively high for the middle and lower middle class.

It is found from my experience in BRAC Bank that a portion of total customer say that their complains not resolved immediately. Establishment of a separate customer complains cell may help to resolve the customer’s problems.

They should fix a proper remuneration package for intern students. This may help the serving students more serious, concentrated and satisfied with their job.

BRAC Bank should try to reduce their loan issuing and disbursement timing.

BRAC Bank should increase their profit rate on different deposit scheme.

BRAC Bank should try to attend different type of target customer.

BRAC Bank should open Islamic Banking Branch.

I had the opportunity to work for this reputed Bank during my internship program. I was placed in the ATM and CDM service of BRAC Bank, Head Office. During this time I got an opportunity to observe the overall service process of BRAC Bank personal banking division.

It is my pleasure to submit my field study report provided by BRAC Bank. While preparing this report, I have tried to gather as possible & to gather all the information pertain the report to enrich it. I believe that it was a fascinating experience to work live in the banking sector & it was enriched both my knowledge & experience.

Finally, I would like to say that thus internship at BRAC Bank has increased my practical knowledge of business administration and made my BBA education more complete and applied. In this report I got the opportunity to apply various tools and concepts I learned in my BBA courses. I look forward to work with BRAC Bank Limited on a full time basis.

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