Expect an even hotter AI venture capital market in the wake of the Microsoft-Nuance deal

Huge purchases from Microsoft’s health technology AI Company Nuance led the technology news cycle this week $19.7. The billion-dollar deal is Microsoft is second largest by far, having lost to LinkedIn a few years ago. For AI space, the sale is a coup. Nuance was already a government agency, but Microsoft saw the value that AI technology-rich companies could have in seeing a firm premium offer over its public-market price.

For starting work in the AI ​​space, the Nuance Deal is good news; with the announcement of the acquisition, the value of AI earnings re-spread – and even better. In light of megadeal, Exchange AI digs into the capital market of the venture. What is happening at the beginning of the artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI / ML) space currency?

To get control of the situation, we compiled Q1 2021 and historical historical venture capital investment data through PitchBook, talked to an active venture capitalist with a focus on AI-driven startups, and heard from several startups recently featured on CB Insights, list of top places. The picture that emerges is the interest of investors and the expectations of many more in terms of the Microsoft-Nuance deal. For AI startups, this is a great time to hit the market.

This morning, we will start with a look at the recent venture capital activities of the AI ​​/ ML market and its historical background. We will then talk to Zeta Ventures ’Jocelyn Goldfein and a few companies in AI Space. Let us go!

The U.S.-based investment capital, AI-centric startups are enjoying a great start to the year, according to historical data compiled by PitchBook. According to the data set provided by the group, from the beginning of 2021 to April 12, or the first 101 days of the year, 442 deals in space were valued at $11.65 billion. In 2020, the same query for US-based startups operating in the AI ​​and ML space – the line between ML and AI – blurred than ever before – turned into 1,601 rounds worth $27.49 billion.