Disney and Amazon partner on a custom voice assistant, ‘Hey, Disney!’ and Echo rollout to Walt Disney World Resort hotels

For the first time, Amazon is bringing another voice assistant to Echo devices. At its autumn event today, the business revealed “Hey, Disney,” a new voice assistant developed by Disney and built on top of Alexa technology. Fans will be able to interact with the assistant through over 1,000 personalized interactions, many of which will contain authentic character voices and original recordings from Disney’s huge library. Consumers will be able to utilize “Hey, Disney” at home, and Alexa devices with extra “Hey, Disney” features will be installed across Disney World Resort hotels in Orlando starting next year as part of a large-scale cooperation.

“Hey, Disney” will start with a variety of experiences for Disney fans, including jokes, interactive trivia, greetings from favorite Disney characters, and access to audio landscapes called “soundscapes” inspired by Disney films. Users will hear from favorite Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and other characters as they interact with the new features. Meanwhile, a character known as the “Disney Magical Companion” will oversee the entire experience.

This companion is essentially Disney’s Alexa, as it’s a personalized voice created by Disney to lead consumers through the new experience. While the voice of the companion has yet to be released, we do know that Disney hired a real voice actor to produce the sound, and that it will be “male-sounding.” (Could it be Mickey?) Guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotels will receive an Echo Show 5 in their rooms starting next year, which they may use to access the “Hey, Disney” experience. In this situation, the assistant can respond to more specific questions from visitors, such as when the park opens, the quickest route to the park, or where to eat.

Alternatively, customers can use the assistant to make particular guest service requests, such as ordering extra towels or room service cuisine. Guests will be able to hear personalized greetings from their favorite Disney characters throughout the day. Following the announcement of the Alexa Custom Assistant technology earlier this year, Amazon collaborated with Disney on the new voice assistant. This solution enables device manufacturers and service providers to design their own intelligent assistants that are customized to their brand’s personality and consumer requirements.

While Fiat Chrysler Automobiles was the first company to use Alexa Custom Assistant, Disney is the first company to use it directly on Amazon’s Echo devices. Disney was able to give its helper its own wake word (“Hey, Disney”), voice, and personality thanks to this technology. Customers can also access an exclusive library of interactions, the majority of which are only available after you activate “Hey, Disney.”