Assignment on Finding and  Recommendation of IBBL


            As Per Analysis of the report I found the following important information materials:     

  • Islamic Banking is a new phenomenon in our country during last two decades. So majority of our people have no proper knowledge about the activities of Islamic Banking as well as its investment mechanism hamper large scope of investment of IBBL.
  • Most of the people in our country have a bad impression of IBBL’s operations regarding indirect generation of interest which meaning no difference between investment of IBBL loan / Credit / advance of conventional banks for this reason, they are not too much interested to make investment with IBBL.
  • Because of improper insufficient application of Islamic Banking rule in our country. The investment operations of IBBL can’t run smoothly.
  • IBBL, which is committed to avoid interest, can’t invest the permissible part of its statutory liquidity Reserve and short Term liquidity surplus in those securities.
  • This Bank can’t invest in all economic sectors, which are prohibited by the law of Islam.
  • IBBL has no strong promotional activities to increase motivate its present and potential investment client.
  • IBBL does not grant investment portfolio for new entrepreneurs new businessmen new companies etc., which ultimately create “Class Banking”.
  • To ensure buying & selling bank must deal with goods but as per ‘UCP 500’, in credit operation all parties concerned deal with documents and not deal with goods, services or other performances to which the documents may relate.
  • At present there is no Islami money market. Today’s money market is mixed.
  • More research may be conducted so that Islami Banks may participate in the foreign currency transactions.


In considering the customer satisfaction on the banking management service the following recommendations are made, which will benefit IBBL and its customers.

1.   IBBL should increase skilled manpower to do its financial activities more efficiently. So that many of the employees do not have to do extra work.

2.   The Bank should go aggressive advertising and promotional activities to get a broad geographic coverage.

3.   The authority of IBBL should introduce more innovative and modern customer service.

4.   Practice amount of doubtful income declined substantially during the year as compared to the past few years, indicating more carefulness of the Management in complying with Shariah. As a result, idle money will be invested to increase potential profit of this Bank.

5.   Inclusion of more subjects based on the Quran and Sunnah in the Training courses of the IslamiBankTraining & ResearchAcademy in order to develop human resources having morally.

6.   Arrangement of monthly /quarterly training courses /workshops for the clients selected by the Branches in order to promote Investment clients of the desired level.

7.   IBBL should initiates different investment modes according to changing /diverse needs of clients by conducting huge Research and study.

8.   IBBL should utilize “Internship Program” as one kind of promotion policy to encourage its present and potential investment clients. Because, young generation plays a vital role in our economy. To do so this Bank should provides facilities to the internees through proper placement and practical operations as well as job certainty to those who bring introduce themselves the best performers in doing their particulars.

9.   IBBL should appoint a sufficient number of women employees to deal women entrepreneurs and professionals and understand their needs and thus create demand for investment.

10. To fulfill the vision of “mass banking” this Bank should grants investment portfolio to new entrepreneurs /new businessmen new companies etc.

11. For the convenient of Islami Banking, necessary amendment of rules may be recommended.

12. Islami money market may be introduced.

Finally it should be mentioned that IBBL is still very successful and competitive in their customer service, banking operation, management process, record keeping and overall activities of banking.