Assignment on Marketing Plan For Smile Laptop


In this project we are introducing a laptop company. Which producing innovative laptop with some health care features also? Our main job is creating a marketing plan for that company and also introducing a logo & a slogan for this company. At last we give our limitation about the assignment.

Smile Laptop is a domestic product in Bangladesh. It’s a most innovative laptop that is introducing with some health care features too. Those health care features are Blood Pressure meter & Gloco-meter. Which are producing health care services easily & quickly with any doctors.


Smile Laptop is a domestic product in Bangladesh. It’s a most innovative laptop that is introducing with some health care features too. Those health care features are Blood Pressure meter & Gloco-meter. Which are producing health care services easily & quickly with any doctors.

The Smile laptop ltd is started at 01-01-2012. It’s also nominated for ISO 9000 quality in the current year. And the company also planned to export this laptop in some sub-continental countries after two years. This company provides most low cost laptop to customers with more innovative features and with warrantee for two years. Those attractive offer shows that it can take the maximum market share within after some years. And for the initial years we decided the price of this laptop 26000-400000 taka.

The Smile laptop is introducing an attractive logo and remember able slogan. This is creating brand equity for this company.


In market analysis we examine different factors of market. Those are SWOT, Competitor & Environment analysis.


SWOT means Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threat analysis.


Recently Bangladesh has highlighted as “DIGITAL BANGLADESH”. And the people of Bangladesh always prefer innovative ideas, so there is a huge possibility for introducing a innovative laptop like “Smile Laptop Ltd””. Which just not a laptop but it’s also provide different health care services like  Blood Pressure meter & Gloco-meter.


Now a day’s a major weakness in any market is there have a lot of competitors from local, international & global. So it’s so difficult for a new company like “Smile Laptop Ltd”” for surviving and competing with the existing companies.


Bangladesh is a small country. So here it’s very easy to cover the whole market by the new company like “Smile Laptop Ltd”. Also there have some positive environment for producing those kind of product.


There is a possibility for make copy our product by other companies because of poor law system. Another threat is there have a little political clash between the political parties, which outcomes are frequently Hartals, and other related obstacles.


New technology brings a lot of changes in our country and to our life as a human.  People can use laptop easily what they want to buy but the only problem is that, there are so many manufacturers of laptops in the world that make us confused. However, the choice is people’s what kind of brand, model and type of laptops they want to buy.  Now we’ll share market share rate regarding the best laptop brands in our country according to consumers and according to reviews from different editors and writers.

The most reliable and consumer choice perhaps is the Dell brand in Bangladesh so far we see. Because its design and affordable price make the company belongs to the top list. About 30% dell laptop, among different brands people uses in our country.

The second place in ranking, ASUS is one of consumer’s favorite brands. People uses about 18% ASUS laptop among different in Bangladesh.

Then 3rd best laptop in Bangladesh is Acer Taiwan based company that cover twelve percent market share of laptop.

The fourth on the list is Samsung which is a Koriyan based company that capture about ten percent market share of laptop in our country.

The fifth place in ranking is Sony Vaio laptop which is Japan based


There have two types of environment analysis we have done before starting our organization. Those are following.

  1. Internal environment
  2. External environment

In internal environment we analyze the condition within our organization boundary. The elements of internal environment are Owner, board of directors, Employee, managers, workers etc.

Everything outside from an organization boundary that might affect on organization those factors is considered as external environment. Some elements of external environment are following .technological, legal & political, international, social etc.


We plan to utilize all four element of promotional mix in this year. Those promotional mixes are following.

  1. Public relations.
  2. Personal selling.
  3. Sales promotions.
  4. Advertising.

In public relation we will produce a sampler CD to be send to different Magazines, Newspapers nationwide, also producing calendar and mug those all are contain our logo and slogan.

 In personal selling we hire best sales team for introducing our product in front of customers & also selling those products to customers through telephone.

In sales promotion we give 10% of for our initial customers. And also provide 1 year warrantee to our customers and also offer coupons.

In advertising we use electronic and print Medias for our advertising.  Which are covering the whole market.



Our advertising objective is introducing our product to all customers, though there haven’t capacity to buy our product. As well as we try to in cover the 25% of market share in initial year through advertising. We give our ad using different Medias like print media & electronic media.

 Our main objective is to inform our target audience about our product and influencing them to make their purchase. To deliver our message more efficiently and with greater exposure and within an appropriate time we have made our media strategy. We have selected newspaper and magazine as a print media and TV and radio as electronic media to reach our target audience.


Expanding the Positive word of mouth by the customers by providing them superior services. And creating brand equity through providing an integrated message to all customers by using different Medias. We try to covering the rural areas customers through National TV and Radio channel. And for urban areas customers we use internet marketing which is cost effective and more constructive.


The initial sales objectives are considered to achieve 25% of market share from total market within 3-5 years. We try to sale the laptop both corporate and individual customers. Our target to sell this product especially in hospitals. And we select all ages of people as our target customers. We gone to use pull strategy for attracting the markets.

After the initial years we emphasis on increasing our market share through innovating our products according to customers choice.


The strategy which actually helps us or we can say guide us to achieve our advertising objectives. Under this we actually try to build the most affective creative strategy and media strategy for our advertising. Our advertising strategy contains two parts. Those are following by figure.




This above graph ensuring that the creative strategy is come out after a number of justifications. The creative strategy defines three key blocks of information those are following.

  1. The art of direction plan.
  2. The production value of each ad.
  3. The copy platform which outlines the message will present.


This ads is made especially for television audience. Here there have a nice jingle we use which consumer can easily remember. And our endorser is one of the international cricket star of Bangladesh .He is Shakib Al Hasan with him a gorgeous female model also include. Both are introducing our product with a nice jingle


In verbal ad we gone use same jingle with that there have a speech by Shakib Al Hasan about our Smile laptop & its features. Because this ads is made only for radio lessening audience  


In magazine and newspaper ads we are using different still pictures of our endorsers with using our laptop. And sharing their experience. These ads also contain all the features of this laptop. Uses procedures. Help line number.  And also give our Logo and Slogan.


We use in-house ad agency for dealing with those advertising related activities. So it’s also increase our brand equity. But we take suggestion from different external ad agencies. Because of that effect of in house ad agencies we must ensure the integration among all type of ads that we make for lunching our product.

 For publishing our ads we use both electronic and print Medias. Those are following by figure



We will use media mix for our advertisement campaign. Our media mix components are Print Media (Newspaper, Magazine), Electronic Media (Television, Radio), Out of home advertisement and sales promotion.

That is why we have selected all daily newspapers (ProthomAlo, Dailystar, Jugantor) which are very famous to our target audience located in our country and also selected some weekly, monthly magazine to distribute our message. In case of electronic media we have selected NTV, ATN Bangla, Channel I as our media vehicle to distribute our message to our target audience and Radio Foorti are the media vehicle for carrying our message through radio electronic media.


For Smile laptop we will consider both Newspaper and Magazines. Our target audience is basically the middle class, upper class and business people. So we will try to attract our target audience by giving lucrative ads in both newspaper and magazines.


Reach and frequency wise the two prominent bangle newspaper of Bangladesh are

Prothomalo,Jugantor and English newspaper is daily star.We will give our ads in the above three newspaper because they are national newspaper and these newspapers are famous. Before 3 days of launching our product we will start to give our ads in the above 3 newspapers to just informing about the benefits and attributes about the product but not exposing the nameof the product. After our product is lunched we will give our ads about a week continuously to deliver more information to our target audience.


For the magazine ads we will give our ad in consumer magazine which is Ice-Today to attract our consumer audience and for the business people we will give our ad in arthokotha. Because magazines reach and frequency is very limited we will give our ads in magazines after our product is launched and our ads in three consecutive days. Also to attract our household audience we will publish our ad in siddikakabir recipe book which is a famous cookery book of Bangladesh


Because of the television’s visualization, sound, and motion offers endless creative opportunities to reach viewers’ hearts and minds. To utilize the power of the electronic media we will be using it.In our country there is only one Broadcast television which is BTV. We are not going to focus on the local network but will be focusing on national network to gain the attentions of our

target audiences.

In addition of that we hire some private TV channels. Those are NTV, ATN Bangle and RTV.

Frequency Measure





Total Cost of Public relation

Sampler CD









Total Cost of Advertising

Production TV &

Media buy TV

Endorsers Cost

Production Radio &

Media buy Radio

Production Print &

Media buy Print  

Internet advertising

 Production Catalog













Total Cost of Personal selling


 Toll free number services





Total Cost of Sales promotion

 Cost of warrantee





Other cost 


Total Advertising cost





As a human being naturally we have done mistakes intentionally or unintentionally, so in our project we also may can those types of mistakes. A part those in limitation we only include those types of mistakes which we faced at the time of preparing our project. Those are following.

  • In this project we introduce an innovative laptop which can use to measure Blood Pressure meter & Gloco-meter. We select this product hypothecally.
  • In budget some where we use hypothical amount.
  • This project is totally based on secondary data so data can be bias.
  • The only source of primary data is generating ideas from Group discussion which are requiring in some part of this project.