Assignment on Sister Concerns of Goldtex Limited Garments Division

Golden Crown Head-wears Factory Ltd.

Golden Crown is a professional manufacturer of caps and hats with more than twenty years of experience in the field. Golden Crown was established in 1976, and has grown enormously in the past years. It is a Hong Kong based company with 100% self owned factory in China and Bangladesh. It’s goal is to satisfy any customer demand whether in R & D, product quality, shipping schedules or price.

All fabric and accessories they use are the finest that come from most reputable manufacturers meeting AQL world quality standards. They also continually invest on new machines and R&D to ensure & provide the best and most updated product and service to It’s customers. There are no shortcuts taken in every stage of production, and each piece of headwear, they are making is a work of art.

The Company have shipped products to all over the world in the past 30 years. They are proud of producing headwear under license for such world-class companies like Gap, Disney, Major League Baseball (MLB), National Football League (NFL), National Baseball Association (NBA) and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Golden Crown Head Office was set up in 1976. It is located in Hung Hom, Kowloon which is only 10 mins to the Kowloon Central Train Station. This permits the convenience in traveling to and from our China factories.

The office has 15,000sq.feet space and is well equipped with the latest technologies in computer and communication. This enables It’s staff to have a fast, reliable and economical communication with It’s customers, suppliers and factories.  The Company staffed with 40 members of experienced and devoted management team and enthusiastic staff to provide the exceptional service to It’s customers.

China Factory

Crown Head-wears Factory Ltd

The factory in China is located in Bai Yun District, Guang Zhou. It is about 2 hours travelling time by the Hong Kong – Guang Zhou direct train and a 45 mins car ride from the Guang Zhou train station. It is a 100% self owned factory with 150,000sq.feet space and 500 workers. Beside cap and hat making machines, it is also equipped with 25 embroidery machines for the embroidery production. Monthly production capacity is approx. 30,000dz embroidery caps. In house accommodation and canteen are also provided for our staff and workers.

In addition, the factory also has a medium size production for the 100% knitted wool hat, such as Beret, Beannie, and Gastby Hat. It is equipped with twenty-four Made in Japan Automatic Knitted machines, and production capacity is approx. 4,000dz per month.

In addition, the factory also has a medium size production for the 100% knitted wool hat, such as Beret, Beannie, and Gastby Hat. It is equipped with twenty-four Made in Japan Automatic Knitted machines, and production capacity is approx. 4,000dz per month.

Bangladesh Factory

Actor Sporting Ltd. – Head-wears Division

The factory was established in 1992 and is located in Dhaka Economic Free Zone, Savar. Inside this economic free zone, it is prohibited striking and child labor and unreasonable over time, etc. Thus It can maintain It’s production stability and quality throughout the year. 8Standerd lines in total coverd factory space 8305 Sq. Mtr has created opportunity to employee 2600 persons including a multi-national management staff from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Pakistan, and  Bangladesh. Similar  to our  China  factory,  it is also well equipped with fifteen embroidery machines,  and the monthly  production capacity is  approx. Cap – 85000 dzns & RMG-1,20,000pcs. Furthermore, They also have their own label, bar code printing and box making facility available inside the factory.

In addition, all cotton fabric It use is from It’s 100% self owned Dyeing Mill in Bangladesh. All cotton greige good It purchase is top grade product for the garment industry. Furthermore, their Dyeing Mill is also equipped with in-house washing facility. Using It’s own Dye house and washing facility enables It to have a vertical integration in It’s Head-wears production. Thus It can offer top quality product with competitive price and delivery to It’s customer.

Dyeing Factory
South China Bleaching & Dyeing Factory Ltd

M/S Golden Crown Head – Wears Factory Ltd, Hong Kong, An Umbrella organization, has Started its operation in the filed of fabric  processing in Dhaka Export Processing Zone (Depz), Bangladesh under incorporation in the name of South China Bleaching And Dyeing Factory Limited, as a limited company in 1996 production plant with a workforce of around 250 & Has been Meeting the growing demand of 100% Cotton & T/C Fabric in Bangladesh Readymade Garment Sector Largly. With a production capacity of dyeing & finishing of about 3 million yds in a month.

The company by this short period of operation time in Bangladesh, has already earned a high market reputation for its quality and service. South China by this time became one of the largest exporter of woven fabrics in Bangladesh with garments manufactured from the fabrics produced by it were being exported to the USA, Canada and all EU countries

They are specialized in reactive, vat & pigment dyeing and also in hard, soft & peach finish. Textiles available on different construction of twill, canvas and sheeting having high tensile strength, low shrinkage and excellent color fastness properties.

It’s vision is to provide all customers need, do the right solution in first time and to remain as a leader in this field. It’s goal is to nurture a close and open working partnership with all our customers, regardless of size or location, throughout the world.

Goldtex Limited

Weaving Unit

Goldtex Limited Weaving Unit also an Offspring company of M/S Golden Crown Head-Wears Factory Ltd,Hong kong, has gone into commercial production in the year 2005 in Dhaka Export Processing Zone (Depz) & has been meeting the growing demand of 100% cotton greige Fabric Largely.

The state-of-the-art TOYOTA brand Air Jet Loom imported from Japan& installed under direct supervision of experts of supplier company has developed an-built means for optimum productivity with superior quality.